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Apex Legends

Incredible end to Apex Legends match shows why the game has become so popular

Published: 26/Feb/2019 13:54 Updated: 26/Feb/2019 18:00

by Paul Cot


The unique moments Apex Legends is producing is just one of the reasons the game has become one of the most popular out there, and this double self-resurrect to end a game highlights just how enthralling Apex Legends can be.

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After a fairly extensive gun fight, in a 2v1 situation, “ApexInhuman” downed one the two remaining opponents, leaving them with just one kill remaining for the win.

Following some back and forth, amidst Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap, ApexInhuman knocked the last man. However, before they could be finished off, the aforementioned gas trap, took the small bit of health they had left.


The Legendary Knockdown shield allows players to revive themselves.
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Somewhat astonishingly, with the final two players knocked down, the match continued. This is because both players had a gold knockdown shield, which allows you to self-resurrect once.

Consequently, it was a race against time to see who could revive themselves first and secure the final kill. Despite being knocked down second, and therefore having a time disadvantage, ApexInhuman beat the opponent to the revive and subsequently secured the match-winning kill.

Double Self-revive 1v1 from r/apexlegends

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As with all gold items and attachments, the knockdown shield is a very rare item. To see two players with one, at the end of the game, is an unlikely occurrence.


There have been other wild match ending finishes also. The multiplicity of items and legend abilities results in a multitude of possible finishes.

This, combined with a relatively forgiving final circle (in terms of damage) means Apex Legends might produce the most exciting battle royale finishes to date.