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Apex Legends devs hint at new undiscovered Star Wars easter egg

Published: 5/Dec/2019 5:30

by Isaac McIntyre


Just hours after the Apex Legends community finished their hunt for the firing range easter egg, which brought training dummies to life in the practice yard, Respawn devs have hinted there’s still other secrets hidden in the game.

Apex players across the internet have been caught in an elaborate easter egg hunt over the past few days, after Rayme Vinson dropped hints about secrets hidden in the Firing Range, leading many to go to extreme limits to find the egg.

There was a wash of relief, then, when Reddit user ‘Maddazefc’ discovered the NPC test dummies activation on December 4, bringing the elaborate treasure hunt in Respawn’s battle royale to an end—only for Manny Hagopian to drop another.

Respawn EntertainmentThe Apex community only just found Vinson’s firing range easter egg.

According to the game writer, who worked on Respawn’s Titanfall franchise, as well as Apex and more recently Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, he slipped a little easter egg of his own into the game, right when Fallen Order first released.

Apparently, the new secret, which Hagopian has shared relatively few details on so far, has been right under our noses since at least October, and maybe earlier depending on when the writer got his hands on the code.

“As everyone seems to be excited about easter eggs now, I’m reminded of a Star Wars Jedi one I put in Apex Legends before the launch of Fallen Order,” he admitted on Twitter on December 4. “I wonder if anyone has found it yet…”

It makes sense for there to be a bit of crossover between Respawn’s two flagship games at the moment, especially considering other battle royales like Fortnite are buying into Star Wars hype, and have held crossovers with franchises like the Avengers in the past.

Apart from a leaked Pathfinder skin based around a color-palette change to look like Fallen Order hero Cal Kestis’ sidekick droid BD-1, Apex hasn’t had much to do with Disney’s franchise, which players have been disappointed with considering a huge Star Destroyer was parked above Fortnite’s map during its last event.

Now, it seems like, there’s at least a little slice of Fallen Order hidden somewhere in Apex’s Season 3 adventures, if players can find it.

Respawn EntertainmentIt looks like a Fallen Order easter egg is hidden somewhere in World’s Edge.

Just like Vinson and his training program easter egg hints, Hagopian has conceded he may have to give players a few bread crumbs to find the secret that he dropped into the game, starting straight after revealing the existence of the egg.

“Clue one: ‘With 4 he flies toward a future of double,’” the developer revealed, before adding that players shouldn’t expect something as cool as “king Rayme Vinson.” “Keep in mind, I write words for both games.”

This suggested Hagopian has potentially hidden a voice line, or interaction, into the code for one or more of the characters, based around something to do with Fallen Order’s well-received storyline, which he had a hand in creating.

Respawn EntertainmentHagopian has yet to reveal exactly what the hidden Star Wars easter egg is, only that it’s related to Jedi Fallen Order.

The dev has also promised more clues in the coming days if players haven’t been able to find the egg yet, so keep an eye out if you want to get a bit of help in finding the slice of Star Wars hidden somewhere in World’s Edge and Apex’s third season.

And with the fact that both Vinson and Hagopian have dropped their own eggs into the game, hunters should be on the lookout for clues from other developers—if there’s two to find, there’s probably more already hidden.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev shares 4 top tips to instantly improve

Published: 21/Nov/2020 17:16

by Joe Craven


Mike Cook, a Senior Technical Artist at Respawn Entertainment, has shared his top four tips to improve at Apex Legends, as new players are joining the Titanfall-inspired BR in Season 7.

As more and more content is added to Apex Legends, the game’s learning curve for new players steepens. While skill-based matchmaking will go some way to protect newer players from domination, it can still be a difficult acclimation period.

One Apex Legends player shared their experience of the first 60 hours on the battle royale, summarising that they “just don’t think it’s working for me.”

“I don’t know how everyone is so good at shooting in just silver. Every game I either lose or get carried with lowest damage/kills,” the Redditor said. “I’ve practiced in the firing range and no change. The recoils are brutal, I’m moving to make it harder to hit me, the enemy is doing the same, and I hit maybe 2 shots before I go down… I’m thinking that shooting games are just not for me.”

Triden vehicle in Apex Legends Season 7
Respawn Entertainment
There’s a lot of new content in Season 7 – such as The Trident vehicle.

The player in question finished by asking if there was a guide to help them. As it turned out Mike Cook, a Senior Technical Artist at Respawn, chimed in with his view, offering four major tips to improve at Apex.

Cook stated that it will just take practice, and said good aim comes down to four major points. The first and second relate to understanding a weapon’s recoil and range, for which he recommended the game’s Firing Range. The last two tips were to predict enemy movements and target your shots into an enemy’s upper body when in a close-range engagement.

Apex Legends dev tips

  1. Understanding the recoil pattern of the weapon. Firing range helps a lot with this. Once you understand the recoil you can counter it while you fire to keep the bullets going as straight as possible.
  2. Understanding your engagement distance and bullet drop off. Firing range helps with this as well. Knowing how far your enemies are and aiming higher to counteract the drop off so they land where you want.
  3. Predicting player movements. If someone is running to your left and they jump, you can guesstimate where they will land and aim there instead of aiming directly on them. This gives you a split second to predict, aim, and shoot.
  4. Where to aim: If you’re up close, aim right below peoples necks, recoil makes your weapon kick upwards and you can get some headshots in.

But, the dev admits that even with practice, some of it comes down to natural skill, and even those with great aim can still do poorly due to their position.

He reiterated how important both positioning and cover are in any gunfight. “You can have potato aim like me, and still pull off good plays based solely on your positioning,” he continued. “Having plenty of cover to mask most of your body is key. Don’t be afraid to peek out, shoot, then take cover. The harder you are to hit, the less damage you take.”

The player responded to thank Cook for his detailed response, and took it as encouragement to stick with Apex for some time longer. Whether they experience a turnaround in fortunes remains to be seen but, if you’re also struggling in Apex, check out the Respawn developer’s full advice.