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Apex Legends devs respond to broken Knockdown Shields in Season 6

Published: 5/Sep/2020 12:43 Updated: 5/Sep/2020 17:07

by Andy Williams


Respawn have confirmed that there’s a fix in the works for the bug which rendered Apex Legends’ Knockdown Shields “useless” following a recent Season 6 patch.

Knockdon Shields are often the difference between life and death in Apex Legends. That is, if they’re actually working. Following the August 20 patch, the majority of Knockdown Shields have been rendered useless.

The top and tail of the issue is that none of the Knockdown Shields are deflecting incoming projectiles, which, in turn, leaves the user exposed after being downed.

The only Shield that still holds some use is the gold variant, since this can still be used to self-revive from a downed position. But fundamentally, the Shields have been broken since the aforementioned patch went live.


Gold Knockdown Shield in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Gold Knockdown Shields are about the viable option at the moment.

Respawn confirm fix for Knockdown Shields

Of course, players have been incredibly frustrated at the prospect of being shot through their Knockdown Shields — and it appears that Respawn have a fix in the pipeline, albeit two weeks after the bug appeared in-game.

One of the developers recently updated their Trello board to reflect the fact that they’re “investigating” the ongoing bug.

While this doesn’t provide players with a definitive timeline on when the bug will be fixed, it does mean that the hotfix will likely be shipped out in due course.

Trello card on the Apex Legends board.
The Knockdown Shield bug joins a long list of bugs marked as down as “investigating.”

Unless Respawn ships out an individual hotfix just for the Knockdown Shield bug, it is likely that the issue will be resolved as part of the upcoming Aftermarket Collection Event.


Per a recent leak, the Collection Event is scheduled to go live on September 15/16 (depending on your region). If this is the case, players will have to sit tight for another 10 days until the notorious Knockdown Shield bug is rectified.