Apex Legends dev suggests EVA-8 nerf coming in the future

Connor Bennett
Eva-8 shotgun in apex legends firing range

Apex Legends devs have hinted at changes being made to the EVA-8 in the future to bring it down a touch as some players believe it is far too strong.

With how big Apex Legends has gotten with both casual and competitive players, Respawn Entertainment has the unenviable job of keeping everybody as happy as can be.

Sometimes, they’ll change a legend or a weapon just a little bit and the whole meta receives a shake-up, which can delight one side but completely infuriate the other.

One thing both sides can agree on, however, is that the EVA-8 has become a nasty weapon to use and being on the wrong side of its power will leave you heading back to the lobby without a win.

Respawn Entertainment
Close-quarter fights are where the EVA-8 excels.

Players have called for the shotgun to be nerfed for quite some time now, and well, those calls have been heard by Respawn, but nothing is changing overnight.

Speaking on the Apex Uncut podcast, Associate Live Balance Designer John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson agreed that the weapon is “strong” and on course for a change.

“We buffed it, and we’re saying ‘hey, use the freaking EVA-8 guys, try out something other than a Mastiff’ and see how it goes,” the dev said, noting that initial buff was to try and shift the meta. “But yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something for that in the future.”

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JayBiebs didn’t touch on specific changes, but it seems like a nerf of some sort will come in a future update.

He also touched on potential changes coming to Ranked play and how Respawn has explored adding different highly-requested ideas from players. Though, they too are a ways away.