Apex Legends dev offers cryptic reply to demands for objective game modes

. 6 months ago
Ash in Apex Legends running with CAR SMG in hands

An Apex Legends dev has offered a cryptic response to players demanding the introduction of more objective-based game modes following leaks.

When Respawn Entertainment launched Apex Legends, it had just one mode – it’s signature battle royale. Over time, though, the developers have brought in different modes through limited-time modes and have also added Arenas as another permanent way to play.

While Arenas got a bit of love when it first launched, it has fallen out of favor with some players due to matchmaking issues, as well as some unusual bugs and glitches.

That has led to calls for its replacement, be it through a constant rotation of LTMs, or the addition of unique modes like the ones we’ve seen leaked previously.

Arenas Apex Legends map
Respawn Entertainment
Arenas was released all the way back in Season 9.

Well, it seems as if Respawn are wise to the requests after Josh Medina – one of the producers on Apex Legends – dropped a bit of a cryptic tweet on the subject.

The producer had been replying to SoaR Gaming’s Hollow, who put out a call for more objective-based game modes like we see in Call of Duty and Halo, be it Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, or Team Deathmatch.

“Arenas should have been used to fill this gap but we just got a 3v3 budget battle royale with a buy menu instead. Hopefully, we see an implementation of new, different ways to play Apex in season 12,” Hollow said, with Medina replying with a gif indicating that he was taking notes on the calls.

As noted, a handful of game modes that would fit the bill of what players are after have surfaced previously in leaks – some being well over six months old. 

Given Medina responded to Hollow’s tweet talking about Season 12, we could finally see those modes introduced at that point, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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