Apex Legends leak reveals new Call of Duty-style game mode with a twist

Revenant in Apex Legends making a fist near waterRespawn/EA

A fresh Apex Legends leak has revealed that Respawn have got another new game mode in the works with the code name of ‘Capture’, and it sounds like it could be pretty interesting.

While the main focus of Apex Legends is the battle royale mode, Respawn Entertainment has, over time, added some entertaining spin-off modes as well.

We’ve had a third-person mode, the ability to play as undead monsters around Halloween events, as well as the Hunt missions, and now the 3v3 Arenas mode.

They’ve all proven to be pretty popular with players and fans are desperate for more. Well, it looks like we could be getting one in the near future that brings a bit of a Call of Duty feel to the Outlands.

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Apex Legends Arenas mapRespawn Entertainment
Arenas were released alongside the Season 9 update and have become rather popular.

The information comes from reliable leaker Shrugtal, who noted that following the 9.1 update, Respawn added some code for a game mode that is currently named ‘Capture’ and has a setup for Olympus.

In explaining the mode, the leaker says it’s like Domination from Call of Duty where players are tasked with capturing three different points across the map and building up a score to win. Of course, with this being Apex, there’s a unique twist on the usual feel of the game mode.

One of these twists that Shrugtal points out is that you may be able to spawn Trident from different ‘Parking Pads’ that are placed around the Capture arena, allowing you to quickly travel to one of the capture points.

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The leaker also suggests that it might be bigger than a 3v3 mode, given the apparent size of the map, maybe stretching to a 5v5 or 6v6 that we see in Call of Duty.

As for when it might release, well, that’s on Respawn. Arenas had been in the works for a few seasons before it was finally released. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.