Apex Legends Dark Depths event to add new ‘Habitat’ Arenas map

Alec Mullins
Respawn Entertainment

The Dark Depths event is coming to Apex Legends, and it’s bringing a new Arena map Habitat along with it. Set on the same planet as Storm Point, this two-sided island offers a variety of both land-based and aquatic terrain. 

This new map is split in half and is intended to bring a breath of fresh air to the mode’s familiar three-lane layout.

The inclusion of ziplines, angled surfaces to slide on, and the waterfall in the center of the fighting area means movement is more important than ever before in Arena and will doubtlessly make a huge impact on how any squad performs.

New Apex Legends Habitat Arena map revealed

New Habitat Arenas map in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Made up of a cave, a nest, some open field, and a waterfall, the new Arena map has a little something for everyone.

Just like Storm Point, this battleground is based in the New Antillia archipelago of the planet Gaea. Known in-universe as Habitat 4, the IMC previously used this area to study the behavioral habits of the local leviathans.

The playable area is composed of two sides — Nest and Cave — both of which offer unique experiences from one another. True to its name, the Nest holds a hoard of unbreakable eggs that are perfect for close-range Legends to use as cover while they weave in and out of fights.

On the other side, Cave offers a more mid-range intensive experience, but according to the developer’s blog, it keeps players closer to the center of the map and to one of the mid-round airdrops.

Habitat is the newest Apex Legends Arena mapRespawn Entertainment
The New Antillia archipelago was long abandoned before the Arena arrived and brought chaos to the place.

This half-and-half design style is intended to highlight how different Legends work better in different terrain and circumstances.

Where Octane might excel when rubbing shoulders with the enemy team in the Nest, someone like Crypto could benefit from the slower pace and longer sightlines of the Cave side of the map.

Both Habitat and the Dark Depths event as a whole, arrive in-game on January 11. If you’re interested in seeing what other content the update is bringing, then check out our full rundown here.