Bizarre Apex Legends bug makes Jump Towers completely useless

Alex Garton. Last updated: Jan 06, 2022
Apex Legends Jump Tower
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Jump Towers are a useful tool for Apex Legends players looking to escape enemy squads or travel long distances, but a strange bug seems to be rendering them completely useless.

When it comes to traveling huge distances in Apex Legends, players can either use Legend abilities, Gravity Cannons on Storm Point, or of course, the original Jump Towers on World’s Edge and Kings Canyon.

A lot of the time, squads will use the Jump Towers during intense scenarios, whether it’s escaping an enemy team or getting back into the ring to avoid taking damage.

So, it’s essential they work or it could cost players their lives or even a victory. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug affecting the Jump Towers at the moment that’s kicking players off at the top, and it’s causing a lot of frustration.

Apex Legends skydive
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Squads regularly use Jump Towers to get back into the ring.

Jump Towers seem to be broken in Apex Legends

After failing to escape an aggressive enemy team using Valkyrie’s Ultimate, Reddit user Valentin3288 realized the only way out would be to use the nearby Jump Tower.

Activating Ash’s Ultimate mid-air, they made it to the tower and began scaling up to the top. Although it seemed like they were about to make a great escape, all of a sudden the top of the Jump Tower disappeared out of nowhere, forcing them to fall down to the ground.

For whatever reason, the bug rendered the Jump Tower completely useless and made it impossible for Valentin3288 to reach the top.

It’s hard to know exactly why this glitch occurred, but it doesn’t seem like Valentin3288 is the only one that’s been affected by this issue based on the comments in the thread.

“I have another video of me repeatedly trying it (up top) and it never worked lol, I got shredded seconds after,” wrote one player.

While this certainly isn’t as serious as the Rampage and Sentinel exploit, it’s a bug that definitely needs to be addressed by Respawn.

No one wants to die to ring damage just because a Jump Tower isn’t functioning properly, especially if it’s in the later stages of a match.