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Apex Legends concept for Skyrim-style lockpicks inspires buff idea for Crypto

Published: 23/Jun/2021 16:30

by James Busby


Apex Legends players are always coming up with exciting new ideas for their favorite Legends, but this Skyrim-style concept could make Crypto even more useful. 

Apex Legends Vaults contain some incredibly powerful weapons and loot that can give squads the edge needed to win even the fiercest of firefights. However, getting into them isn’t always easy, especially when you need to track down a Vault Key. These keys are obtained from Cargo Bots, which can be fairly tricky to track down if you don’t land near one. 

To make things a little worse, Vault Keys aren’t even a guaranteed drop when you do crack open one. This can make gaining access to the game’s best loot a little tricky, but one Skyrim fan concept could help alleviate this issue, while also serving as a decent buff for Crypto


Apex Legends Skyrim Vault concept

Loot vault in Apex Legends
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Apex Legends Vaults are home to some great loot.

Skyrim’s lockpick system has always been a favorite way for players to gain entry to locked areas. Not only does the mini-game require a certain amount of skill, but it also has its own dangers. After all, getting caught trying to break into a locked property never tends to go down too well. 

Apex Legends’ Vaults currently take three seconds to unlock with a Vault Key. However, some players believe Crypto should be able to utilize a similar method when hacking into these secure safes. 

“[Lockpicking] should be exclusive to Loba and Crypto, but it would take twice as long as just using the Vault Key,” says TheMP8. One player even noted how the fail state could even spawn a bunch of stalkers from Titanfall 2 spawn. One false move and a horde of killer robots would swarm the hacker and their team. 


Hear me out! from apexlegends

Of course, this idea was also met with its fair share of criticism. “Cool idea, but if a certain Legend could just pick [the Vault] and open it up for his whole squad, finding Vault Keys would be essentially useless,” says WuTangRonin. “Anytime World’s Edge came into rotation, that specific Legend would be picked more than most… Maybe have it be an item you have to find, similar to a key?” 

It’s certainly true that this Crypto buff could drastically impact the Legend meta, so some players suggested that the Vault Keys be replaced with the Data Knife. This multipurpose item was used by Pilots in the Titanfall series and enabled players to hack into Spectres, Turrets, and computer terminals. 


“Maybe make a puzzle that all Recon characters have to solve using a Data Knife,” says turbopop1. It’s certainly an interesting idea and one that many fans would be curious to see implemented into the game. For now, though, you’ll need to enter the Vault the old-fashioned way.