Apex Legends community frustrated with increasing server shutdown errors

Respawn Entertainment

Community members are noticing a spike in server shutdowns across Apex Legends that are abruptly ending matches – and in some cases, ruining game-winning scenarios.

Following the recent launch of Season 4, players are noticing a rise in server shutdown errors even when they’re not suffering from any noticeable lag or connection issues that precede their match crashing.

Instead, these shutdowns seem to be happening at random, which is starting to frustrate some players, especially when the issue flairs up in Ranked Play, derailing important matches.

Respawn Entertainment
People are noticing an increase in server shutdowns in Apex Legends Season 4.

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In more than one instance, players have recorded clips of their gameplay to show how the glitch can come up without warning.

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Reddit user ‘Switsphotos’ was just a few shots away from collecting a win when the error hit. The game was down to the last two squads, and they had just downed a Lifeline with Octane about to be dead in his tracks when the game disconnected.

These kinds of issues are making some players hesitant to get into a Ranked games at all since they don’t want anything to affect their climb in Season 4.

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“Freezes in selection screen, 5 min queue blocked -> code net, 10 min queue blocked, I’m literally just in normals now, I refuse to risk playing Ranked,” one user said about the issues.

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Some players have already come across the error during their Ranked games, like Reddit user ‘AfroArabBliss,’ who was also down to the last two squads in their game when the glitch hit.

Fortunately, the user reported that there wasn’t any negative effect to their Rank, in fact, the game had even given them RP even though the match didn’t formally end.

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“It gave us RP,” AfroArabBliss explained when asked about the effects to his Rank points. “Nothing about loss forgiveness. It didn’t count as an abandon so that was good.”

This isn’t the only connectivity issue that’s been causing problems in Season 4. Across multiple platforms, Apex Legends has been hit with worsening conditions to its online ecosystem, with console players reporting “unplayable” console lag and freezing.

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It seems like Respawn Entertainment have a few things to fix with their games, so players should expect some news on that front in the near future as the devs get a handle on the situation.