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Apex Legends leaker says Kings Canyon may return to normal Squads soon

by David Purcell
Respawn Entertainment


The return of Kings Canyon has been confirmed in Apex Legends Season 4, for Ranked Play, although many players would also like to see it come back to public matches as well. So, when is that most likely to happen? 

Kings Canyon is the original home of the Apex Games and seeing it go back in Season 3 will have been a sad moment for some members of the online community, although one of the most exciting parts of the latest patch notes was that the arena is coming back for Ranked Play.

Those who don't play the Ranked playlist will have been wondering whether or not Respawn Entertainment also have plans to bring it back to Squads, and one reliable leaker has suggested that may be the case.

Apex Legends World's Edge overview
Respawn Entertainment
The Apex Games currently take place exclusively in World's Edge, but that will soon change.


Apex Legends map return date – Ranked Play

The original map will be heading back to Apex Legends' Ranked Mode, for sure, on March 24. This is going to be part of the game's second 'split' of Ranked Series 3.

The patch notes also revealed that halfway through the season, players will notice that rankings will be hit with a "soft reset," which will include a new Master tier, slotting between Diamond and Predator.

Kings Canyon
Respawn Entertainment
Kings Canyon could also be coming back to other playlists, according to one leaker.


Kings Canyon coming back to normal Squads?

For normal Squads, though, things aren't as much set in stone. As far as official announcements go, Kings Canyon doesn't appear to be set for a comeback in normal playlists just yet.

However, reliable data miner That1MiningGuy – who leaked a number of features ahead of time for Season 4, including the introduction of Revenant – has found some things in the data files that suggest a return to public lobbies is actually pretty likely.

While it's not been officially announced just yet, he tweeted: "Judging by some things found today - I can say that I do believe Kings Canyon will be available for both Ranked and Squads whenever the split happens. It will likely be the Season 2 version."


If the leaker is accurate and the map is actually set for a return across all game modes, that would mean that players only have to stick it out until March before having the option to drop into either of the two playable islands.

Once things are officially confirmed – if we get to that point – we'll be the first to let you know.