Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev responds to "unplayable" console lag and freezing

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends fans on consoles have been complaining of constant lagging and freezing during recent matches, prompting a response from developers at Respawn.

The launch of Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation gave the popular battle royale a fresh coat of paint in the form of a new legend, new weapons, and changes to the World’s Edge map.

Respawn Entertainment also managed to address a number of big issues – with the level 500 crashing bug being rooted out, as well as the floating in mid-air error if a jumpmaster disconnects. Yet, despite that, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for console players, as many have been voicing their displeasure at how the game currently runs.

Revenant from Apex Legends standing and looking angry
Respawn Entertainment
Revenant joined the cast of Apex Legends in season four but plenty of issues remain.


The problems were summed up by a post to the game’s subreddit by user tlawless001. Claiming that the battle royale had become “unplayable” on console, the Redditor showcased a number of clips from matches where they would find themself freezing, lagging, and stuttering around the map. 

These issues can be pretty problematic, especially when diving into gunfights or trying to outrun a fast-paced zone. While issues with lagging and freezing may stem from internet connection issues, many players have reported that their connection isn’t a part of the issue.


Some players who have suffered through problems on console pointed out similar issues, while also noting what else they’ve run into. “One game my whole squad died due to the game freezing for a bit then we died shortly after. A lot of frame loss too,” commented sourcreambeam.

A fix is coming for Apex Legends on console

Others pointed out that the developers have been taking feedback on board about the issues, with developer Josh Medina tweeting that a possible fix for the stuttering is in the works and could be released on Monday, February 10.


Whether or not the planned Apex update will finally fix the issues that console players have been suffering though still remains to be seen.

Undoubtedly, fans will be hopeful that they can finally play games without worrying about constant stoppages sometime soon.