Apex Legends character concept to counter Revenant in Season 4

How to counter Revenant in Apex Legends Season 4.DudeWithName (Reddit) / EA

This Apex Legends character concept might just be the perfect way to counter the Synthetic Nightmare on World’s Edge in Season 4.

Assimilation has added a gripping narrative to the Apex Legends’ saga. With Loba poised to enter the Apex Games in a bid to avenge her parents’ death, it’s only a matter of time before Hammond Robotics’ simulacrum runs into trouble.

However, with a date on Loba’s entrance into Respawn’s flagship battle royale still a mystery, one savvy Reddit user has drafted the perfect Apex Legends concept to thwart Revenant’s grand plan.

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Revenant in Apex Legends Season 4 trailer.EA
Revenant has taken over the Apex Games and is out for vengeance against Hammond Robotics.

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Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, user ‘DudeWithName’ has forged ‘Sigrún’ – a Combative Bulwark – complete with backstory that slots perfectly into Titanfall lore.

Real name, Sylvi Helvig, the former Militia officer is based on Troy — a planet on The Frontier from the Titanfall universe.

Alongside a lengthy plot that expands on her time in the Militia, Sylvi comes with a full set of abilities.

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Sigrún’s abilities

Passive — Ironclad Breacher: Kicking doors breaks them instantly and running into a door crashes them open while weakening them.

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Tactical — Tether Mines: Mines that shoot out a tether line to lockdown enemies.

Ultimate — Amped Particle Wall: Throw out a device that emits a ‘particle wall’ that rejects incoming shots from any weapon. It also amps outgoing shots (by 1.15 times) to deal more damage.

Specifically, Sigrún’s Ultimate ability provides 20 seconds of cover and amped damage for the Legend and her teammates. The only way to combat the shield would be to flank or shoot the projector emitting the forcefield from the ground.

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The Combative Bulwark’s Amped Particle Wall could counter Revenant’s ‘Death Totem’ Ultimate ability by dishing out more damage while absorbing the oncoming attack from an enemy squad.

Of course, with Loba’s entrance into the Apex Legends’ universe seemingly a matter of not if, but when, the Sigrún Legend concept would have to take the back burner. Respawn might have one eye on these fan concepts for future ideas though.

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