Apex Legends players frustrated over “cheats” used to enhance movement

Brianna Reeves
apex legends cfgs

Apex Legends players continue to express frustration at the number of users who exploit CFG files as “cheats” to enhance movement.

Config files, or CFGs, let players modify game settings beyond what’s available in-game. Editing such files has various uses, one being that players can fix bugs that even developers haven’t addressed.

But this level of customization, which has existed for decades, is considered cheating by some, especially in competitive spaces. For instance, Apex Legends players may use certain configs to make super glides far easier to pull off.

As things currently stand, though, Respawn seems to be in no hurry to label such customization as cheating. Players who face off against opponents who use CFGs remain as frustrated as ever when insanely fast-moving Legends join a match.

Apex Legends fans wonder why CFG files aren’t bannable offenses

Reddit user lifeisbadclothing presented the following question to the Apex community in a recent thread: “Will Respawn ever do anything about the ridiculous amount of players using cfg’s to move like this?”

What accompanies the post is an 11-second clip of the Redditor trying to hit an Octane bouncing around at dizzying speeds. It’s tough to watch and likely far more difficult to play against in an already fast-paced shooter.

As to why Respawn hasn’t tackled the issue as of yet, one Redditor said: “They don’t know how to do anything about it. So it stays.” But others believe it “Would be incredibly easy to write a script that detects for repetitive input timings and insert [it] into an anti-cheat.”

Meanwhile, there are those who think some uses for CFG files in Apex Legends are simply “cringe.” Wrote one person, “I respect it if you’re inputting movement techs manually but if you’re just pressing the ‘whee spin around’ button it’s cringe.”

Clearly, this is one problem that may not be solved anytime in the near future.

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