Apex Legends buff concept would make Lifeline’s Ultimate strongest in the game

Lifeline's Apex Legends Care Package with logoRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has devised an overhaul for Lifeline’s Care Package, which would see the Combat Medic’s Ultimate reach a new realm of strength in Season 12. 

Lifeline has long been a consistent pick in Apex Legends. One of the game’s base legends, her healing capabilities have been trusted by a fair number of players since it dropped way back in 2019.

That remains the case in Season 12, with Lifeline sitting on a respectable pick rate of 5%, putting her as the seventh most popular legend overall.

There is a camp in the Apex community who think she needs a buff, with some arguing her actual abilities are not that strong.

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Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline is one of the OG Apex Legends.

On that note, one Apex player has devised an overhaul for the Combat Medic’s Ultimate Ability – her Care Package that deploys equipment and medical gear to players.

Currently, Care Packages drop with 3 item slots: one is a weapon attachment, one is a healing item and one is a piece of wearable equipment.

However, Redditor ‘dvtheall’ has proposed an update wherein Lifeline’s Care Package would include a host of unique red items, only attainable through her Ultimate Ability.

First is the red Knockdown Shield, which would give players a full dome shield with increased health. Second is a red Shield Cell, which gives 25 health points instantly and adds 75 more over time. Finally, there’s the red syringe, which operates as the Shield Cell, albeit boosting a player’s health rather than shield.

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Plenty of fans (and Lifeline mains) were in favor of the idea, throwing their weight behind it in the form of upvotes. At the time of writing it has over 750 upvotes, suggesting a lot of players are open to the idea of Lifeline essentially getting exclusive medical/protective gear.

Some, though, did suggest Lifeline would be too strong with the Care Package overhaul. As ever, it’s ultimately on Respawn to make the call and implement any changes.