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Apex Legends

Shroud explains why he’s stopped playing Apex Legends or Warzone every day

Published: 2/Apr/2022 15:19

by Sam Comrie


Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has battled it out for years in battle royales like Apex Legends, PUBG, and Warzone, but the popular creator is growing tired of the hugely saturated genre. 

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is one of few battle royale’s to soar significantly, considering how saturated the genre has become. Shroud has sunk plenty of hours into Apex, as well as rival games like Warzone, PUBG, and he’s even dabbled in Fortnite.

Despite giving way to some incredible gameplay moments over the years, shroud isn’t as passionate about the genre as he used to be.


shroud-twitch-return-stats-1200x675 Shroud is regarded as one of the best FPS Twitch streamers.

Shroud’s passion for Apex Legends and more has faded

During his April 1 Twitch stream, shroud was getting into a session on Apex Legends, just to keep his skills in tip-top shape.

Seeing as he’s been taking a break from battle royales recently, one fan asked if there are “any issues with the game that are keeping you away specifically?” in relation to Apex Legends.

Shroud didn’t hesitate with his response, simply stating: “No, I’m just not into BRs right now I don’t think. I don’t really care for BRs, at all. That’s the only thing that keeps me away.”


It isn’t surprising that shroud has seemingly fallen out of love with battle royale titles, given how he previously stated the genre had become “boring.”


Shroud continues to hop in and out of Apex Legends, but it’s been quite some time since the streamer was dominating over any BR. Over the last few months, shroud’s viewers have gradually seen the former CS:GO pro dive more into MMORPGs such as Lost Ark and New World.

Whether it is something completely different or a familiar title to his audience, the streamer continues to stand tall within the top 20 most followed Twitch streamers, proving he can make any game entertaining.