Apex Legends players convinced Bangalore’s Prestige skin is based on an in-game car

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Apex Legends players think Respawn may have modeled the design for Bangalore’s Prestige skin after an in-game vehicle.

Recently, Respawn Entertainment unleashed the Gaiden event in Apex Legends, which also introduced Bangalore’s new Prestige look.

Dubbed Apex Commander, the cosmetic in question serves as a Mythic item boasting three different tiers. Upon unlocking the third tier, players will gain access to the Mythic Close Quarters Combat finisher.

But while working their way through the different tiers for Apex Commander, Apex Legends players think they’ve found the inspiration for the latest Prestige skin.

bangalore prestige skins tiersElectronic Arts
Tiers 1 – 3 for Apex Commander.

Was Bangalore’s Prestige skin modeled after a car?

While playing a game of Apex Legends, TikTok user soupsniffer happened upon an in-game vehicle whose exterior design looks mighty familiar.

“They really based the Bangalore Prestige skin off [of] a car,” the video’s caption reads. The car’s forest green and grey color scheme does match that of Bangalore’s new look.

Plus, the car’s armored front end bears a lot in common with the headgear that accompanies the Tier 3 design for Apex Commander.

While the comparison between the skin and the care seems sound, it’s worth noting that such a design choice was likely purposeful.

As some replies to the video point out, Bangalore previously served in the IMC Armed Forces – one of the key factions in Titanfall.

The vehicle on display in the above clip, then, is IMC issue. Evidently, Bangalore’s newest skin takes inspiration from the character’s days on the force.

This constitutes a piece of connective tissue that not all Apex Legends players will recognize. Still, it’s cool to see the ways in which Titanfall continues to influence the world of Apex Legends.