Apex Legends Season 13 adds Spectres from Titanfall to Storm Point

Spectre from Apex Legends Season 13 trailerRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have wanted Spectres to be added to the BR since the game’s launch, but they’ll now finally be making their long-awaited appearance in Season 13. 

The Apex Legends Season 13 trailer has finally dropped, giving players a glimpse of all the new content that will be arriving in the game. The biggest reveal was that of the new Legend, Newcastle, and the announcement of ranked mode changes. 

However, Respawn also confirmed that Spectres will be making their debut in Season 13. Unlike the friendly MRVN units that are known for their goodwill, Spectres have a much more aggressive nature. 

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In fact, these robotic soldiers will stop at nothing until their target is eliminated. This will likely make them a fairly dangerous threat when they’re released on Storm Point. 

Apex Legends Season 13 confirms arrival of Spectres

Spectres from Apex Legends Season 13 trailerRespawn Entertainment
Spectres will be introduced in Apex Legends Season 13.

Apex Legends features plenty of content from Respawn’s Titanfall series. From deadly weapons to character lore, the developers have consistently borrowed elements and core mechanics from its beloved FPS franchise. 

While the monolithic Titans themselves have yet to be added to Apex Legends, Respawn is finally adding one of the series’ most dangerous enemies – Spectres. During the new Season 13 trailer, Newcastle and his companions can be seen fighting a squad of robotic enemies. 

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Spectres will be added to the game when Season 13 launches, which means squads have a new AI enemy to duke it out against. Judging from the trailer, it’s likely that a number of Spectres will be guarding powerful loot and gear. 

While it’s unlikely that they’ll be as powerful as real-world opponents, they could put up a fierce fight if they manage to overwhelm their target. Information on how they’ll function in Season 13 is fairly scarce, but we’ll likely hear more information on their role in the weeks and months to come.