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Nadeshot and TimTheTatman reveal their favorite anime moments from Dragon Ball Z and Hunter x Hunter

Published: 27/Jun/2019 22:41 Updated: 27/Jun/2019 22:50

by Alan Bernal


Even in the fast-lane life of being an esports executive, 100 Thieves CEO Mathhew ‘favorite anime moments with fellow streamers CouRage and TimtheTatman.

The ‘CouRage and Nadeshot Show’ invites popular personalities to talk shop alongside the two popular content creators, and while there’s tons of topics to dive into, it looked like Nadeshot got heavily sidetracked with his favorite anime.

CouRage was winding down the discussion of TimtheTatman’s journey of becoming a father when Nadeshot broke out to identify the similarities between the deep-seeded themes of family and conventional anime arcs.

Toei AnimationThe Cell saga was a pivotal point in Gohan’s story, and a memorable arch for every fan.

Anime, family and esports

“Pretty much any anime that you’ve ever watch,” Nadeshot said. “Every arc has been based off a family member, or someone they need to protect.”

That was Nadeshot’s simple opening to a talk that eventually gave him “chills” as he reminisced about some of the greatest moments he’s experienced as a long time anime fan.

“The first anime I ever watched, Dragon Ball Z,” Nadeshot began, “it was the Cell Saga, and Gohan was watching his friends get obliterated, and Goku died. Then fucking Gohan just blacksout, and loses it…”

Of course, the apex of that moment was when Vegeta distracted Cell for a split moment so that Gohan could unleash the ultimate kamehameha with the help of his father’s spirit.

(Timestamp at 34:36 for mobile viewers)

“I’m not even kidding, I have chills right now,” Nadeshot said. “And Gohan defeats Cell with a one armed kamehameha and he’s got his dad talking to him from the afterlife. ‘Gohan, you can do this!’… I’m going to go back and spend three hours rewatching the entire Cell Saga.”

All the while TimTheTatman was chiming in with specific details from the scene as he too vividly remembered the epic moment as it unfolded.

Nippon AnimationAnime franchises like Hunter x Hunter have been a big influence on the 100 Thieves CEO.

Nadeshot’s love for anime runs deep

It seems that the only thing Nadeshot love more than watching anime, is watching it with friends who’ve never experienced it. The CEO has a standing appointment with CouRage to watch Hunter x Hunter, and almost got too excited, narrowly avoiding a big spoiler in Gon’s story arch.

100 Thieves fans might remember the customized prints Nadeshot got made that expertly combined elements from all his loves, that being his esport org, anime, and lifestyle apparel.

Nadeshot is quickly rising to being one of esports’ more versatile figures, and his deep interest in various aspects of entertainment isn’t going unnoticed by fans.


Eugene Lee Yang goes viral cosplaying Avatar: The Last Airbender

Published: 29/Oct/2020 12:39

by Georgina Smith


Writer, Director, and Try Guys member Eugene Lee Yang has absolutely blown Avatar: The Last Airbender fans away with his flawless cosplays, recreating not just Azula but Zuko too.

Since rising to internet fame with his work on YouTube series ‘the Try Guys,’ Eugene Lee Yang has established himself as a creator in his own right, producing many hugely viral videos exploring LGBTQ+ and Asian-American identities.

Each year in what he describes as his ‘Asian Halloween Tradition,’ Eugene cosplays different Asian characters from popular movies, TV shows, books and more to celebrate different aspects of those cultures, and works alongside a team to flex their outstanding costume and makeup skills.

In the past, he’s recreated characters like Mulan, Magnus Bane from the Mortal Instruments Series, and many more dating back to Halloween of 2009 when he cosplayed Russell from the animated film UP.

But this year, Eugene and his talented team treated fans to not just one, but two Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplays, and they were both as fantastic as each other.

Eugene cosplays Zuko and Azula

First, in a post that at the time of writing has 99,000 likes, he recreated the banished prince from the Fire Nation, Zuko.

Eugene models the brilliant costume by Kinetic Cosplay perfectly, the bold oranges and reds of the fabric creating a vibrant fire-like glow, which combined with the mix of silk trims and various types of fabric give a perfectly dynamic edge to the look.

His makeup artist Arianna Blean has also reformed Zuko’s signature eye scar, the scar wax looking intricate enough to be realistic, but also with a slightly animated feel in keeping with the original art style.

To fans’ surprise, Eugene even pulled out a second Avatar look to celebrate Halloween this year, also having a go at one of the show’s most popular villains, Fire Nation princess Azula in beautiful photos taken by JD Renes.

The absolutely stunning images show the YouTube star surrounded by lightning, filling the images with a mesmerizing blue-white glow. The black and gold plates contribute to a powerful silhouette, with the wig by danekez sculpted perfectly to look like the original, even keeping with the gold hairpiece in the center of the head.

Eugene put both characters together in the same image in a post that gained 40,000 likes, and even participated in a TikTok trend where he wipes a mirror to switch between the two characters, injecting the video with electric personality.

His series of posts about the cosplays have garnered hundreds of thousands of likes all together, and has already got people excited about what Eugene will pull out of the bag next Halloween.