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Castlevania producer creates twisted Pokemon universe with terrifying fan trailer

Published: 19/Jun/2019 23:01 Updated: 19/Jun/2019 23:15

by Alan Bernal


anime, gave a grittier take on Ash Ketchum’s famous world.

Shankar has created some of the internet’s more favorite alternate storylines featuring popular franchises. Called his “Bootleg Universe,” the Netflix producer is credited in film shorts revolving around properties like Power Rangers, Judge Dredd, and Punisher, among others.

The short films he produces typically deliver on storylines or aspects of a beloved franchise that fans wish were more explored in the official universe but that have no chance of ever releasing.

Ash is out for revenge after the death of his best friend.

In a June 19 release titled “The End of Pokemon,” audiences meet up with an older Ash whose Pikachu has recently died. Torn from the loss of his best friend, Ash embarks on a new journey to end the “mindless entertainment” that are Pokemon battles.

To do this, he starts a revolution to “Free them all” that sees him going to incredible lengths to create a rebellion against the “spectacle of violence” that took away his longtime pal.

The fan trailer contains some of the darkest imagery in Pokemon creations, especially since it paints a horrid perspective on the good-natured games that people have been playing since the mid-90’s.

But the story in the trailer expands on the morality behind catching ‘em all and shows how gruesome basic Pokemon fights really are through bloody as well ferocious battles laced throughout the video.

This is definitely one of the more epic portraits Pokemon has ever been given. While some might hope for an official full featured version that this trailer deserves, it might be a while before Nintendo ever let that happen to their beloved franchise.

Octopie YouTubeAsh is on a mission in “End of Pokemon,” and it’s not about “catching ’em all.”

What else is in the Bootleg Universe?

Some of the more popular iterations in the Bootleg Universe include a dark “what if” story for Mr Rogers and origins of his famous characters from his show.

But one short that sent the internet into a frenzy was the release of Power/Rangers that showed the Rangers being hunted down after one of their own unexpectedly betrays them.

While there are excellent pieces of fiction in Shankar’s Bootleg Universe, it seems like fans are loving the latest Pokemon release more than previous reimaginings.


Demon Slayer cosplayer masters Beast Breathing as Inosuke Hashibira

Published: 24/Jan/2021 7:13

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


A talented cosplayer embraced his inner beast and transformed into Inosuke Hashibira from Demon Slayer. His fans can’t believe how accurate it is, and neither can we.

Inosuke Hashibira is one of the most hilarious characters in Demon Slayer. He was raised by boars, which is why he’s rough around the edges when it comes to human interaction. He also has a short-temper and unwavering confidence, and it often lands him in hot water.

But despite his flaws, he’s a formidable ally and a powerful Demon Slayer. He’s a skilled swordsman. However, unlike other characters in the show, he prefers wielding two swords instead of a katana. He also taught himself Beast Breathing, which enhances his sense of touch.

Inosuke also doesn’t look like a typical Demon Slayer. Instead of wearing the traditional outfit, he only wears pants, a belt made from brown animal fur, knee-high socks, and sandals. His trademark feature, however, is the iconic boar’s head he wears to mask his face. It belonged to his adoptive boar mother.

Demon Slayer Inosuke Cosplay
Inosuke’s fighting style is courageous and fierce, much like his attitude.

Inosuke looks like he would be an imposing figure in real life. Fortunately, thanks to talented cosplayer Taryn, we know that for sure. He’s cosplayed everything from Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez from Bleach to Sett from League of Legends. They’re all insanely good. However, his Inosuke is on another level.

“Pig Assault! Hashibira Inosuke,” he said. “I missed this guy. What about you? Would you like to see me cosplaying “unmasked” Inosuke? Would you be ready?”


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Taryn will undoubtedly nail the unmasked version, and fans would love to see it. However, his masked version is flawless from head to toe. The outfit itself is simple enough, although he re-created it to a tee. But his version of the actual boar mask is out of this world.

Staying true to the character, he took on a martial arts pose in the first picture and two thumbs up in the second. He’s received almost 10,000 likes between them, which is a good chunk of his 90,000 followers.

Taryn takes his cosplaying very seriously, and his dedication shines through in the quality of each piece. All in all, his version of Inosuke is as good as it gets, and he deserves all the praise.