Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wave 2 update – full patch notes

Animal Crossing Wave 2 update fireworksNintendo

After the Wave 1 update in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced the long-anticipated ability to swim in the ocean, the details of Wave 2, which will launch on July 30, are finally here.

New Horizons is the latest title in the long-running Animal Crossing franchise. As the game continues to operate in real-time, the island’s wildlife changes each month to sync with the seasons.

The Wave 2 update will provide weekly firework shows and the ability to visit other islands, literally in your dreams.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Wave 2 Update dream islandsNintendo
New character Luna will allow players to visit islands in their dreams

Animal Crossing: New Horizons officially announced on Thursday, June 25 the arrival of “Wave 1”, an update to the game that allows players to don a wetsuit and dive into the ocean, or go swimming and collect new creatures.

On Tuesday, July 28 they finally revealed the details of “Wave 2.”

Animal Crossing Wave 2 update: What’s changing?

With this second wave, players will be able to view fireworks shows every Sunday for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, with a visit from Redd offering a raffle.

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The fireworks will come with the ability to create custom designs for them, and players will be able to obtain new light-up accessories and sparklers

The update also brings the ability to visit other islands in your dreams. Instead of just lying on a bed, players will be able to use them to go to sleep and meet Luna, a Tapir who was first introduced in New Leaf. In Japanese culture, tapirs are said to eat dreams, which helps to explain this character’s role.

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Luna will help players to access the different dream islands. These could be anyone’s island from anywhere in the world, and players can also offer up their own island for others to explore via the dream world.

Finally, Nintendo will finally be adding an Island restoration, and back-up service will allow Nintendo Switch Online members to upload their game data online and recover data in the event of loss or damage. Nintendo is planning to introduce the ability to transfer your saved data later in the year.

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Nintendo also teased that there will be a seasonal update in the Fall.