WoW update removes ridiculous achievement titles amid ongoing harassment controversy

WoW Revendreth Dessication zombiesBlizzard Entertainment

Amid the ongoing lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, WoW’s dev team has revealed plans to change inappropriate quest names.  

As the State of California’s lawsuit against gaming behemoths Activision Blizzard continues to rumble on, the developers have made several changes across Overwatch and World of Warcraft to remove inappropriately named NPCs and in-game locations.

One of the most controversial moves has been the choice to rename iconic Overwatch DPS hero, McCree. Named after a developer that had been implicated in the harassment that reportedly led to one employee taking her own life, the issue has divided the title’s community.

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While WoW stars such as Asmongold have asked the company to implement some real changes, Blizzard has continued to forge ahead in their virtual revamp by removing quest names that should have never made it into the game in the first place.

wow argus mapBlizzard Entertainment
Argus’ capital, Mac’Aree, will likely be renamed in the future.

Blizzard remove inappropriate WoW quest names

In an ongoing effort to cleanse the game of inappropriate content, it has been revealed that two quest names will be having their identities tweaked.

In the upcoming Patch 9.1.5, we’ll see:

  • ‘My Sack is Gigantique’ renamed to ‘My Storage is Gigantique.’
  • ‘Bros. Before Ho Ho Hos’ renamed to ‘Holiday Bromance.’

Both heavily steeped in sexual references, it’s somewhat surprising that these names made it into the game in the first place. Considering that the game is aimed at a teenage audience and is rated ‘T,’ it seems like these references are just a little bit too adult.

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Activision Blizzard has been sued for promoting a “pervasive frat-boy culture” in the workplace.

Fans react

Quick to criticize the company for yet another virtual change, fans have descended in hordes to express their disapproval.

“WoW is saved!” writes one sarcastic fan, attaching a screenshot of the original Icy Veins post.

“I hate low effort virtue signalling things like that,” fumes another.

“I doubt ‘removing inappropriate references’ from the game would be all that it needs to make it better,” writes a third fan.

As Blizzard continues to cut inappropriate elements out of the game, we’ll have to see what’s next on the chopping block.