WoW streamer pitches fix for toxicity issues in Mythic+ dungeons

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WoW streamer Naguura recently pitched a solution that could help tackle the toxicity issues plaguing the game’s Mythic+ dungeons.

Blizzard added Mythic+ dungeons to World of Warcraft some time ago, allowing users to join five-player dungeons that continuously scale in difficulty.

Similar to Challenge Mode, the stakes in Mythic+ are nothing short of incredibly high since players compete against a timer and face off with enemies that deal tons of damage.

The problem is that some users too often find themselves in groups with others who suddenly leave the game when the going gets tough. Such behavior remains a toxic part of the Mythic+ experience that many hope Blizzard will crack down on.

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WoW streamers shares idea for fixing Mythic+ dungeons toxicity

Popular World of Warcraft streamer Naguura thinks one way to solve the “leavers” issue is by requiring those who queue Mythic+ to select either “completion” or “beat timer” in LFG (Looking for Guild).

The streamer believes people who go in knowing their partners want to play through to completion are less likely to randomly exit the match.

In replying to other players, Naguura acknowledges that the WoW Mythic+ dungeons feature in question already exists. However, the streamer’s idea hinges on Blizzard turning it into a “mandatory selection.”

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A few people in the Twitter thread shared solutions of their own, many of which revolve around the studio implementing penalties for leaving.

“Unless Blizzard implements some kind of punishment for leaving… people will still be leaving, trust me,” argued one person. Someone else added to the chorus: “Introducing a leave penalty is the most simple and best solution…”

But as things currently stand, this is one problem WoW players will have to contend with regardless of their own intentions.

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