WoW officially bans boosting organizations in long-awaited crackdown

WoW boosting services bannedBlizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is finally cracking down on WoW boosting organizations and will now be banning accounts found to be in violation of its revamped policy going forward.

In a post on the official World of Warcraft forums, WoW community manager Kaivax explained the recent decision and urged existing boosting organizations to cease operations.

“As of today, we will now prohibit organizations who offer boosting, matchmaking, escrow, or other non-traditional services, including those offered for gold,” they wrote, adding that action will be taken against accounts that violate this policy including warnings, suspensions and even permanent bans.

This all said, guilds and individuals, using in-game tools to buy or sell items are still allowed as this new policy will only affect organizations.

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“We urge all such organizations to cease doing business in World of Warcraft immediately, in order to maintain uninterrupted access to the game,” the post concluded.

world of warcraft wow battle for azeroth sylvanas windrunner burns down teldrassilBlizzard Entertainment
Boosting is now banned in WoW.

WoW community reacts to boosting ban

Players seem to be mixed on the news. While some are happy with the decision, others don’t believe these activities will stop even with the possibility of being banned.

“Thank god honestly. Don’t expect it to stop though. Gold farmers/bot organizations still exist even with the token, so I assume this will too. Maybe after some bigger communities get banned it’ll slow down,” one user wrote.

Blizzard Entertainment
The community is mixed on the ban.

“Honestly, boosting communities were annoying, and often ran out smaller guilds trying to do boosting because of their massive amounts of posting,” another remarked. “Good riddance I’d say.”

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It will be interesting to see how things develop and if Blizzard ends up being effective in shutting down these boosting services in an effort to make the game less “pay-to-win.”