WoW fans bash Blizzard for removing rare portraits in Dragonflight

world of warcraft dragonflight dracthyrBlizzard Entertainment

WoW Dragonflight fans have bashed developer Blizzard Entertainment for removing the beloved rare character portraits in the MMO’s upcoming expansion.

World of Warcraft’s UI is getting a major rehaul with the release of Dragonflight as Blizzard look to refresh the old-school look that WoW’s sported for over a decade now.

With the refresh also comes some risky redesigns, as WoW players have become accustomed to the way to game looks and feels with the game’s various action bars and character portraits.

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Now, the new character portraits have been revealed, and to no surprise, WoW fans are enraged.

WoW fans blast Dragonflight’s new rare portrait design

Reddit user luckfore posted to the game’s subreddit a visual comparison of the difference between rare portraits before the Dragonflight update and after.

Since the game launched, rare enemies and NPC’s have had a dragon wrapped around their circular picture, something that’s become iconic and memorable for WoW players.

Now, with Dragonflight, the dragon has been removed entirely, replaced with merely a gold-plated circle.

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Fans were up in arms about the change. Many Reddit users quickly pointed to the fact that this will make WoW players have to download a UI added that will simply put the dragon back into the games portraits.

Interestingly, other WoW players datamined the game and found that Blizzard has created updated versions of the rare portrait dragons, and has opted to not use them in the game’s beta or public test realm.

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The new silver and golden dragons are smoothed out, and provide a much more modern look.

One WoW fan explained why Blizzard should reinstate the dragons, “They really should bring back the silver dragon, it gave a rush seeing that because it meant that this was an enemy that had a good chance of dropping rare, unique loot.”

Especially considering Dragonflight is a dragon-focused expansion, it’s hard to see why the developers opted to remove one of the more iconic and noticeable dragons in the game.

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