WoW community pleads with Blizzard to show underused weapons love in Season of Discovery

A Dwarf rides a Gryphon in Season of DiscoveryBlizzard Entertainment

An expectant World of Warcraft community has taken to social media to ask Blizzard to show historically underused weapon types some love in the upcoming Season of Discovery.

Season of Discovery looks to be the developer’s attempt to bring the highly requested Classic+ mode to players finally. The new mode will feature a revamped version of the original Vanilla experience, including previously unfinished areas to explore.

Additionally, players will have new abilities to unlock via the new Rune Engraving system. These changes have also opened the doors for new gear and weapons for players to enjoy and build into. Though many of these have already been data mined, players will have a lot to uncover when the game does launch.

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Now, players have come together online to ask Blizzard to give two underutilized weapon types particular attention in Season of Discovery.

Players want more polearms and fist weapons in Season of Discovery

In a post on Reddit, one user wanted to convince the developer to “add some good polearms and fist weapons” to the upcoming offering.

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Many were quick to chime in with their support, with one saying: “Underrated suggestion that I haven’t seen mentioned much. Not just blues and purples, but I’d like to see a quantity increase as a whole, more greens, etc.”

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Another added their own thoughts, suggesting they go one step further: “Agreed! Also could add Javelins as a thrown weapon, might be difficult as it could require all new animations though”

Others pointed out that some additional thought would have to go into their implementation beyond just increasing their quantity. One said: “Fist weapons would be cool. Completely neglected weapon type, but only if they have options for +5 weapon skill cause otherwise they’re still worthless at 60 lol. Eskhander’s right claw with a +5 weapon skill offhand would actually be nutty for fury.”

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Though there has been no official confirmation, there is a decent chance this could happen. Blizzard has committed to adding more items to the game than ever before, so hopefully, this has been extended to polearms and fist weapons.