WoW Classic players aren’t happy with Burning Crusade’s Brewfest event

Bill Cooney
WoW Classic burning crusade brewfest
Blizzard Entertainment

Burning Crusade Classic WoW players have noticed that the Brewfest seasonal event isn’t exactly as they remember it from back in the day – and they’re not happy.

The big draw of the World of Warcraft Classic reboots is the whole “Classic” part. The games are touted as being just like the original experiences were over a decade ago.

Players assumed this would also apply to the seasonal Brewfest event in The Burning Crusade.

But, when they signed in on September 20 some noticed it was an older version rather than the original.

TBC Classic Brewfest
Blizzard Entertainment
Some players aren’t happy about an exclusive mount not being available, in particular.

WoW Brewfest event gets flamed

Why does it matter if the Brewfest in Classic is the same as the first one in 2007? Well, that was the only year you could get the Brewfest Ram mount. It only increases speed by 60 percent, but it’s a very exclusive item that was only available back in 2007.

Instead, we seem to have gotten the patch 2.4.3 version of the event, which still lets players complete quests, but has no way to unlock the Brewfest Ram.

It seems this plain mount will remain an ultra-rare status symbol for players who completed the Riding Rams quest back in 2007, and those trying to obtain it after all these years are out of luck.

Players also won’t be able to unlock the 2007 yellow Brewfest Stein, though this isn’t as highly sought after as the mount, for obvious reasons. Frustration over the “not new” event doesn’t end there, though.

“Very unfortunate. I had always wanted to see “Year 1″ Brewfest from 2007,” one user pointed out in the comments.

“Yep, I was super upset I couldn’t get the ram,” another unfortunate completionist player added.

Those on the Horde side of things seem to be having trouble completing the “Bark for ________!” questlines as well. For Horde players the NPCs are apparently not triggering, making it unable to be completed.

Sure enough, WoWHead confirms this quest is bugged and not working as it should, so hopefully, Blizzard will get around to fixing it before Brewfest ends on October 6.

There are still two mounts available during the event though: Swift Brewfest Ram and the Great Brewfest Kodo. They’re both very fast mounts which means they give a higher boost than the regular Ram would. So while you can’t get the status symbol, at least you can get a faster, less rare, one for your troubles.