Frustrating WoW glitch not giving players Hand of Salaranga mount

Lawrence Scotti
wow mount

Blizzard announced a hotfix is incoming to fix an error where WoW players weren’t getting the Hand of Salaranga mount after completing the quest Breaking the Chains.

World of Warcraft players have been dealing with a glitch recently that has stopped them from obtaining the Hand of Salaranga mount. It’s supposed to be a reward for completing the Breaking the Chains quest.

This involves finishing a lot of the new content in the Shadowlands expansion, which as you might guess takes quite a bit of time.


Hand of Salaranga bug

Finishing the quest is supposed to unlock players the mount, but there’s been a bug where the mount won’t be unlocked. Luckily, WoW community manager Kaivax has informed players of a hotfix coming ASAP.

The glitch wasn’t properly giving players the Ring of Salaranga, which could be used to unlock players the mount.

wow dev
WoW community manager sharing the hotfix news.

The hotfix will make the achievements On the Office and Breaking the Chains count “properly account-wide”, along with the fix of giving players the mount they were supposed to get.

While Blizzard has addressed the glitch, we don’t know exactly when the fix will arrive. If they’re posting about it on the game’s forums, though, World of Warcraft players might not have to wait too long for the fix to go live. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later so players can get the loot they grinded for.