Asmongold roasts World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore

Samantha Giambra
Asmongold reacts to World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore modeAsmongold

World of Warcraft Classic has introduced Hardcore mode, and though it has its perks, Asmongold said that no one under the age of 37 is actually playing the game.

Many World of Warcraft Classic players have been doing their own version of Hardcore mode for years now, but Blizzard recently released an actual Hardcore mode with two different realms to choose from.

While playing any game in hardcore mode is a challenge, Vanilla World of Warcraft is not for the faint of heart, even without the addition of Hardcore.

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The amount of time it takes to level, gold being vastly more sparse than Retail, and even the simplest tasks getting players killed for a simple error in judgment make the game hard on its own.

Asmongold has decided to spill his thoughts on World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore mode, and of course, his reaction was pretty hysterical.

Who even plays World of Warcraft Classic Hardmode?

In a recent upload to YouTube, Asmongold reacted to another YouTuber speaking about World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore. In the original video, the creator said some pretty funny stuff, such as, “You get to flex on all the non-hardcore players.” Also, you can flex those Hardcore skills to the e-kittens or E-girls playing the game.

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Asmongold rebuttals this last statement by saying, “There are no E-girls that are playing Hardcore Classic WoW, okay? Like the youngest person that’s playing Hardcore Classic WoW is 37.”

Asmongold made a good point when it comes to accidentally killing others around you as well for making a simple mistake, not just yourself, as he said, “Well not only can it end your journey, it can end everybody else’s journey too and that’s the fun part!”

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He then made several statements about how watching tutorials and using add-ons make Hardcore much less fun. He talked about how players simply wait and watch a guide on how to min/max and exploit the game rather than actually using the mode as intended.

Though Asmongold had a hot take on the new World of Warcraft Classic game mode, it appears the game has caused the franchise to trend highly upward once again.

Only time will tell how long the newfound interest will last before hundreds of death reels are uploaded to YouTube of players rage-quitting as they lose it all from a level-five boar.

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