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Valorant weapon juggling gives clutch chances similar to CSGO

Published: 22/May/2020 1:51 Updated: 23/May/2020 8:49

by Alan Bernal


Weapon juggling is a classic strategy FPS games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which could lend itself to unique clutches – and people are discovering that the same principals can be applied to Valorant for similar effects.

In these tactical shooters, the economy can sometimes work out where people have enough money to safely, or situationally, buy an extra weapon to leave nearby. In this case, Reddit user ‘FocuDengel’ bought a backup primary, but the enemy was hitting the opposite site on Bind.

Not one to throw away a perfectly good Operator, the Sage can be seen working to rotate through spawn while consistently dropping and picking up their primary over again.


With a bit of practice and patience, the juggle can be done a bit quicker, but they showed how going through the time to learn it can pay huge dividends.

Being down 3v4 was much more manageable, not only because the other team had yet to push into the site, but also because FocuDengel was able to change up their position effectively with two different types of primary weapons.

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Having a sniper or rifle changes how players approach an engagement, so having both options opens up the possibilities.

After every kill or short-burst engagement, the player would switch out weapons depending on the angle they had left.

Missing the first Operator shot was actually crucial, since the other team started playing as if the Sage could only be a long range threat.


That worked to their advantage when they picked the Phantom back up, quickly bursting, but not killing an opponent.

What to do when you buy a backup gun but the enemy goes to a different site! from VALORANT

That change up must have given the other team the go ahead to be more liberal with their peeks, since they wouldn’t get punished by the one-hit kill sniper.

FocuDengel vai Reddit
Constantly switching up the angles must have thrown off the other team, since they were just walking/jumping into the player’s crosshair.

That’s when the Op came back in play, picking off a Raze that was caught clearing corners. Another late-round switch to the Phantom let FocuDengel catch a jumping Phoenix out of the air.

They probably calculated the quick reposition would be advantageous against the single-fire cannon, but little did they know that the Sage now had a rifle to punish those kinds of moves.


A rinse and repeat with the Op caught off the final enemy Sage who walked into the player’s scope.

Though juggling is situational, it’s good to see that there’s a deeper layer of playful stratagems that people can utilize in Valorant.