G2 clinch Valorant Red Bull Home Ground victory: Final placements & recap

home ground valorant red bullRed Bull

Red Bull’s Valorant Home Ground invitational brought a new format to Future Earth. Europe’s best teams went head-to-head for the first time in 2021, with G2 Esports coming out on top.

  • G2 beat Team Liquid in nail-biting final, which finished 3-2.
  • Liquid twice went ahead, but G2 persevered to win the final two games of the series.
  • G2 also took down FGK and NiP on their way to the title.

Valorant’s esports scene was quiet for too long, so when Red Bull: Home Ground was announced with some of Europe’s best teams, the excitement soon snowballed.

Revolutionizing how matches unfold, Red Bull introduced the concept of ‘home ground’ advantage to Valorant. Teams selected their own preferred map before the event kicked off, which acted act as their permanent pick for the event.

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Red Bull Home Ground: Final placements

G2 Esports picked up £10,000 of the £24,000 prize pool, with second-placed Liquid fetching £5,000.

Place Team Prize money
1st G2 Esports £10,000
2nd Team Liquid £5,000
3rd-4th Ninjas in Pyjamas £2,500
SUMN FC £2,500
5th-8th Futbolist £1,000
FrenzyGoKill £1,000
Guild Esports £1,000
Monkey Business £1,000

Red Bull Home Ground: Results & format

The main event unfolded between January 28-31. Each match was a best-of-five, unless a team won on both their map choice and their opponents’ (dubbed their ‘home ground’) — therefore ending the series at 2-0.

Day 1 – Thursday, January 28

Quarterfinals Ninjas in Pyjamas 3 – 1 Futbolist 3:30AM 6:30AM 11:30AM 12:30PM
G2 Esports 2 – 0 FrenzyNoKill 8AM 11AM 4PM 5PM

An insane series sees NiP take down Futbolist on Icebox. Thanks to some insane plays by newcomer Kevin ‘Ex6TenZ’ Droolans, as well as innovative team comps that had no Duelists, NiP emerged on top after dropping only one map.

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Meanwhile, G2 Esports and new insert Aleksander ‘zeek’ Zygmunt looked great coming out in the Home Ground. Qualifier team, FrenzyNoKill, were able to match G2’s firepower to an extent, but heroics from Patryk ‘paTiTek’ Fabrowski and the latest recruit were enough to close out the series.

Day 2 – Friday, January 29

Quarterfinals Team Liquid 2 – 0 Guild Esports 3:30AM 6:30AM 11:30AM 12:30PM
SUMN FC 2 – 0 Monkey Business 8AM 11AM 4PM 5PM

Team Liquid came into this tournament looking for some redemption after First Strike and they’ve got it. Insane plays from soulcas and ScreaM eventually were the demise of Guild Esports, who simply couldn’t match the two fraggers. The event concluded 2-0 on Icebox.

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A similar 2-0 sweep was the result of SUMN FC taking on Monkey Business. Despite being a team a lot of people still underestimate, SUMN reminded fans everywhere of why they are a force to be reckoned with.

Day 3 – Saturday, January 30

Semi-finals Ninjas in Pyjamas 1 – 3 G2 Esports 3:30AM 6:30AM 11:30AM 12:30PM
Team Liquid 3 – 2 SUMN FC 8AM 11AM 4PM 5PM

The penultimate day of the competition determined which two teams will be the last ones standing once the Grand Final rolls around on January 31.

The action started with a relatively routine win for G2 Esports of NiP; after trading wins on Icebox and Split, G2 assumed control of the series with a dominant 13-5 victory on Ascent before closing things out on Bind, 13-11.

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The second match turned out to be quite a thriller as SUMN held series leads after the first and third maps before back-to-back statement wins for Liquid – on Split (13-8) and Ascent (13-6) – wrapped up the match and sent TL to the championship round.

Day 4 – Sunday, January 31

Finals G2 Esports 3-2 Team Liquid 4:00AM 7:00AM 12:00AM 13:00PM

In an incredibly tight finals, G2 Esports came back from behind twice to take down a persistent Team Liquid side. Both teams won on their respective Home Grounds, before Liquid pulled ahead on Haven. But G2 stood firm, taking Bind and Ascent to claim the title.

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This series will be best remembered for some of the best Jett play we have seen so far in Valorant. Liquid’s ScreaM was the star of game one, with his insane Jett ace taking the game to match point, while G2 Mixwell played out of his mind on the Duelist, picking up 99 kills across all five games.

Red Bull Home Ground: Teams

Champions G2 Esports debuted with their new fifth member, Aleksander ‘zeek’ Zygmunt, who shone as he picked up the third-most kills in the final.

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The Open Qualifier ran from January 23 – 24, with FrenzyGoKill emerging victorious. This booked them a slot in the main event.

Team Players
G2 Esports Ardiis Mixwell paTiTek pyth zeek
Team Liquid ec1s Kyyptix L1NK ScreaM soulcas
Ninjas in Pyjamas rhyme CREA chiwawa Jady Ex6TenZ
SUMN FC Boaster doma Mistic Moe40 tsack
Futbolist marqnue mag0o mojj SasuKe STERBEN
Guild Esports bonkar Yacine ziz draken Sayf
Monkey Business aKm uNKOE TviQ Oniby Elllement
FrenzyGoKill (Open Qualifier)  vakk Cender feqeq Bramz M4CHINA

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