Valorant pros TenZ and Asuna claim EU ranked is “10x harder” than NA

Shay Robson

As teams from around the world arrive in Berlin to boot camp ahead of Valorant’s Stage 3 Masters, two of the best North American players, TenZ and Asuna, claim the EU solo queue is 10x harder than NA, largely because of the toxicity.

With Valorant’s second international tournament, Stage 3 Masters: Berlin, kicking off on September 10, teams from across the world have arrived in Berlin to begin their practice in hopes to punch their ticket to VCT Champions.

Besides scrimming for the majority of the day, pro’s like take up some ranked, sometimes just to get a feel for the region, and as the EU vs NA war continues, people want to know what region is harder.

Considered to be two of the best players Valorant players in North America, Sentinels player Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo and 100 Thieves star Peter ‘Asuna’ Mazuryk played a few games of EU ranked together while TenZ was streaming, where they discussed EU vs NA.

Valorant Masters Berlin 2021 details stream schedule results teams
15 teams from across the world have traveled to Berlin for the VCT Stage 3 Masters, in hopes of punching their ticket to VCT Champions.

While streaming, TenZ asked Asuna his thoughts on NA vs EU ranked, and he argued EU is harder, but perhaps not for the reason one might expect.

The 100 Thieves Valorant pro claimed Europe is “10x harder” because of the toxicity, with games made more difficult because players “give up.”

“It’s 10x harder, it’s just toxic really, the games only get harder because people give up,” Asuna said. “Yeah I agree, there’s some super butthurt people,” TenZ concurred.

While the conversation of NA vs EU will never go away, two of North America’s best players think EU is the harder region, purely as a result of toxic players and a reputation for “giving up.”

EU players are still yet to travel to North America for a tournament, so we haven’t seen them try their hand at the NA ranked queues yet.

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