Valorant pro receives permanent league ban for repeated toxicity

The crowd at Valorant Champions 2022Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Lithuanian Valorant player Vilius ‘krea6on’ Malinauskas has been permanently banned from playing in the Valorant East: United and Valorant Challengers East: Surge leagues after a clip of him being toxic in-game surfaced on social media.

On Twitter, Polish tournament organizer Polska Liga Esportowa announced that krea6on has been barred from competing in its leagues, Challengers League East: Surge and Valorant East: United. The former is the highest tier of competition in East Europe, a region that encompasses 23 countries.

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Calls for krea6on’s ban came on May 2 as the NAVI content creator Marcus ‘SoMarcus’ Black posted a video of the Lithuanian making fun of his disability in ranked voice comms and chat.

The now-banned player responded to SoMarcus’s thread about his behavior in ranked on Twitter by telling the content creator to “keep talking sh*t.”

The lead manager for the Valorant East leagues, Krystian Terpiński, quickly responded to SoMarcus’s Twitter thread about his run-in with the player in-game. “I will not tolerate the humiliation of people with disabilities in my leagues,” he said. “That much is certain.”

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The ban came a few hours after this exchange.

Valorant player banned for mocking streamer

krea6on has been around the European Valorant scene since 2020 and was part of high-profile teams, like Alliance and Tundra Esports, during the game’s first two years.

In April 2022, while on Tundra’s bench, he was issued a three-month ban by Riot Games for making sexist remarks during a ranked Valorant game. He publicly apologized for the incident, which he blamed on his poor English. “I always say stupid things to try to make jokes out of it,” he said at the time.

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Since his return, the Lithuanian player had competed on unsigned teams in the lower leagues of Eastern Europe, like Valorant East: United, Valorant Balkan League and other Valorant Regional Circuit competitions.

With his current ban, krea6on has been barred indefinitely from competing in East Europe and will have to join a team from a different region if he wants to continue playing.

The response to krea6on’s ban has been overwhelmingly positive, with SoMarcus, along with multiple personalities and players, applauding the move.

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“Mate it’s like Christmas but in May… Big W for the community!” SoMarcus said in response to the ban.

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