Valorant players perform Dua Lipa cover using in-game comms in viral TikTok

Valorant Agents Killjoy and Raze standing together.Riot Games

TikTok has produced a treasure trove of gaming content and a group of Valorant players has blown fans away with their cover of Dua Lipa’s hit record ‘Levitating’ over on the short-form video app.

Musical acts in gaming are far from a new trend, but there are few that have gone as far as this group of talented vocalists, who call themselves Val 5, that have set TikTok ablaze.

Their approach combines gaming and music in a unique way, and a smoothly edited video helps package the whole thing together to properly showcase their unique skills.

Valorant players go viral after performing Dua Lipa’s ‘Levitating’ using in-game comms

The video starts with a warm welcome for anyone who hasn’t heard the group before diving into a dazzling performance of one of 2020’s biggest songs.

Each member of the group (MissKitsunee, Pradaya, bibi, mantaroni, and chick fLix) takes up a section of the song and they shine with equal measure throughout the two-minute experience.

While an introduction to something like this might seem unnecessary at first glance, it is apt at the end of the day as the group has been doing this for quite some time. Together they’ve covered everything from Rex Orange County to music from Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb, and they’ve racked up over 500,000 followers on Pradaya’s account as a result.

Their format remains the same throughout the videos. The group performs a track inside of Valorant and with a little editing help, produces something that isn’t being made anywhere else on the internet.

This particular outing netted the group 521,000 likes alone and it seems like their ascent is only going to continue levitating from here.