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Valorant player’s incredible Rated overhaul solves icon complaints

Published: 5/May/2020 15:09

by Andy Williams


Plenty of players have been vocal in their distaste of Valorant’s Rated icons, so one player took matters into their own hands and completely overhauled them – with incredible results. 

Riot Games introduced the competitive mode into Valorant with their 0.49 patch, and players everywhere have been flooding into Rated to truly test their abilities and see how they stack up against the competition.

While everyone is gunning for the elusive ‘Valorant’ rank – that Cloud9’s Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo managed to snag mere days after the competitive mode was introduced – there has been one particular gripe that has been ruffling players’ feathers.

Valorant competitive ranks.
Riot Games
There are eight ranks to climb through in total, ranging from ‘Iron’ to ‘Valorant.’

Regardless of Riot’s transparency with rank progression and their bid to ensure competitive integrity, it’s the icon design which has been troubling players — particularly the lack of being able to distinguish between certain ranks at a glance.

This led ‘call_me_sen’ to apply their design talents to the current system and completely overhauled the look.

From Iron right the way through to Valorant, they put a fresh spin on the current icons by making the silhouettes distinctly different from one rank to the next, while also throwing some more intuitive colors into the mix.

call_me_sen (Reddit)
Each rank has its own clear-cut silhouette, which is distinctly different from the previous rank.

In terms of how this look was achieved, sen explained that it was a step-by-step process and took a day to achieve the entire concept (from start to finish) — even including their hand sketches which served as the base design.

Valorant competitive ranks redesign.
call_me_sen (Reddit)
The designer uses a plethora of resources for their ‘mood board’ when designing each icon.

According to the UX Designer, there were a number of reasons for the revamp with a lack of separation between each rank being one of the fundamental reasons.

Alongside showing the raw ranks in all of their glory, the Redditor provided a mock-up glimpse of what they’d look like in-game — with there now being a more distinct difference between each rank at a glance.

In-game screenshot of Valorant rank redesign.
call_me_sen (Reddit)
You can clearly see that even in the post-match scoreboard, its much easier to distinguish between ranks.

The fresh take on each rank was well-received, as the post received over 13k upvotes in 14 hours and plenty of praise in the comments. One user commented: “Extremely impressive and much cleaner and better looking than what Riot currently has for the rank icons. Well done!”

With the general consensus in the thread being that the Valorant ranks need an overhaul, Riot may decide to tweak the Rated icons prior to the game’s official launch in Summer 2020.


Valorant release fix for frustrating Omen glitch on Icebox

Published: 22/Oct/2020 14:20

by Daniel Cleary


Riot Games have finally released a new Valorant patch to address the bizarre out-of-map teleport glitch with Omen on the new Icebox map in Act 3.

Valorant Act 3 is now underway and Riot will have plenty of content, such as new Agents, cosmetics, and more, ready to be released in-game over the next few months.

However, one of the biggest changes so far in Act 3 was the addition of a new map, Icebox, which has unfortunately experienced some bugs following its release on October 13.

icebox valorant map
Riot Games
The new map Icebox was released for Valorant’s Act 3.

Valorant players were quick to discover a strange bug with one of Omen’s abilities on Icebox and revealed that it was possible to teleport out of the map, giving Omen mains a massive advantage over their opponents.

The glitch with Omen’s Ultimate, From the Shadows, allowed players to get behind the Kitchen area near the B bombsite and shoot their opponents through the walls, making the game nearly unplayable on Icebox.

After Riot developers initially addressed the bizarre bugs on Icebox, they have now finally released a hotfix for the Omen glitch and confirmed that it should have gone live for players at 4 PM PDT on October 21.

“A hotfix is going out today that should stop an exploit where Omen is able to teleport to and attack from an unplayable area on Icebox,” the Valorant devs announced, revealing that they were taking action to fix the latest set of bugs.

When the glitch was first found, 100 Thieves star Hiko was stunned after realizing just how easy and devastating this bug could be in a previous patch, so it is likely that he, and other players, will be happy to see it removed from Icebox.

However, now that the fix is live, Riot will likely shift their attention to some of the other bizarre issues, like Jett’s Dash glitch on the map and audio issues, so that Icebox can finally be released on the Rated playlist.

As of now, it is unclear just when Icebox will be available in Valorant’s ranked mode but we’ll be sure to update you when more information is shared.