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Powerful Valorant Haven exploit lets you throw abilities through walls

Published: 23/Aug/2021 7:22 Updated: 23/Aug/2021 4:57

by Andrew Amos


Valorant’s walls are notoriously paper-thin, but you can’t typically throw abilities through them. However, this exploit on Haven ⁠— which is incredibly easy to replicate ⁠— allows you to do just that, causing havoc on the A Site.

We’ve had Omen being able to teleport into walls and parse through them in Valorant. You can also shoot through just about every surface in the game.

However, throwing abilities through walls? That’s reserved to the likes of Viper, Breach, or Omen. Now though, thanks to a cheeky exploit spot on Haven, every Agent can throw their utility through the map.


Uncovered by Reddit user ‘Ehto_’, the spot on Haven A Site allows defenders to throw utility through Cubby and Tunnel. This is a popular post-plant spot for attackers, making it insanely powerful.

Ehto showcased it with various Agents like Raze and Skye, able to throw Satchel Charges and flashes through the little gap between the two buildings crammed on A Link.

However, it’s not just those two who can use it. You can throw Killjoy’s Nano Swarms through the little gap too, as well as Sage Slow Orbs. If it’s a throwable ability, there’s probably a line-up for this exploit ⁠— you might just need a few dry-runs.


The little wooden fence has always been a popular pre-fire spot with Sova darts out the back of the A Tunnel, but now it’s a lot easier to execute considering you can throw abilities through the wall.

Sova in Valorant
Riot Games
Most Valorant Agents can make use of this little gap.

It’s not technically through the wall ⁠— the texturing on the map means there’s a gap at the top of that fence — but it makes it very hard to fight back as attackers given you can’t send anything back through.

This exploit on Haven isn’t necessarily new, having been patched in and out of the game at times. However, while you can, there’s no reason to not abuse it.


If you learn the lineups for your favorite Agent, you’ll make the attackers lives very painful, and potentially swing rounds in your favor.