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Valorant EGO by OneTap skin bundle: Release date, price, more

Published: 15/Sep/2020 16:00 Updated: 15/Sep/2020 16:04

by Calum Patterson


Riot is launching a new skin bundle in Valorant: EGO by OneTap, inspired by ‘real-world’ streetwear fashion. These gold, white, and black themed cosmetics are certain to stand out in the server.

Included are skins for the Ghost, Vandal, Stinger, Guardian and a melee knife. Presumably, these weapons have been selected, thanks to their ‘one tap’ potential (Stinger is maybe an odd one out here).

Riot revealed the first teaser trailer for the bundle on September 14, with the cosmetics becoming available to purchase on Thursday, September 17.

The tagline for this bundle reads: “For those who dare to be bold, let your success speak for you.”


Pheonix holding Ghost in Valorant
Riot Games
The third color variant is a bit more vibrant than the other two, sporting a pink and green colorway.

“EGO By Onetap is Valorant’s exploration into real-world style. A moment to explore global style and streetwear taste for players in our game,” Riot explains.

“For those gamers who play with style, care about expression, and want to become showstoppers, EGO draws on present-day style to ground the theme and eliminate any distractions of alt fantasies to put you front and center.”

EGO by OneTap Valorant bundle price & skins

You can get the full set for 7,100 VP, which includes:

  • EGO by OneTap Ghost — 1,775 VP.
  • EGO by OneTap Stinger — 1,775 VP.
  • EGO by OneTap Guardian — 1,775 VP.
  • EGO by OneTap Vandal — 1,775 VP.
  • EGO by OneTap Melee — 3,550 VP.
  • EGO by OneTap Player Card.
  • EGO by OneTap Spray.
  • EGO by OneTap Gun Buddy.

There are three color variants too, including a deep red.

EGO by OneTap Ghost

EGO by OneTap Ghost skin

EGO by OneTap Stinger

EGO by OneTap Stinger skin

EGO by OneTap Guardian

EGO by OneTap Guardian skin

EGO by OneTap Vandal Skin

EGO by OneTap Vandal skin

EGO by OneTap Melee skin

EGO by OneTap melee skin

At 7,100 VP, this pack works out cheaper than some of the previous cosmetic bundles, although this is understandable given that these skins don’t have any ‘dynamic’ features.


These skins fit into Valorant’s ‘Premium Edition’ tier, priced at 1,775 VP a piece, one below the ‘Ultra Edition’ (2,475 VP). There is also a more rare ‘Exclusive Edition,’ for which the price varies.