Valorant devs address bizarre glitch that traps players inside Phoenix

Riot Games

Valorant devs have responded to a strange problem that had been allowing players to get stuck inside of Phoenix and completely ruin how the game looked for them.

After much anticipation, the Valorant closed beta finally launched on April 7, as Riot Games got to jump into the tactical shooter market. Though it has been difficult to get into, the beta has been a success for the developers as they build-up to their eventual launch.

However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. For anyone who has been lucky enough to gain access, there have been issues with Cypher’s camera, Sova’s Recon Bolt, and Omen being able to climb walls, though a new problem has been taking the cake.

Phoenix is one of Valorant’s most popular agents.

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Players have noted that if Phoenix uses his ultimate ability, Run it Back, and ends up back at the spot where the Spike is being planted, if the player who has planted the spike doesn’t move, they will become stuck inside of Phoenix.

As this makes the game pretty unplayable for the player who is stuck, fans have been making Riot aware of the problem, so much so that they have now responded. 

“Thanks for posting the bug with such a clear repro! I’ll share it with the team,” commented Riot Games’ Giraffy on Reddit, noting that the developers could get to grips with the issue seeing as plenty of details were offered up and not just vague calls for a fix.

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Though, other fans noted that other characters have similar issues. According to some, the same problem can rear its head with Sage’s revival ultimate – though you don’t need to be anywhere near the spike for that one.

Of course, fans will be hoping that Riot can act swiftly and get some changes in order before it becomes a widespread problem in matches. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see when they get around to fixing it.