Valorant dev reveals Omen changes coming in full launch

Riot Games

The Valorant beta introduced players to Omen and his ghastly kit that can blind, smoke out, or teleport the Agent to great effect, but some fixes from the Riot Games dev are coming in before the June 2 launch.

Omen has been a favorite among Valorant’s more methodical players since he can set up his own baits, obscure crucial angles, or completely change the point of attack in any given round.

Though his build offers a team a ton of utility, the players might notice that some of his abilities like Dark Cover or Paranoia don’t always go off without a hitch.

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Now that the beta has concluded and players have to wait around a week for the official launch, this is valuable time for the Valorant devs to regroup and work on improvements.

Character design lead for Valorant, Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott outlined the kind of fixes Riot have lined up for the official release of the tactical shooter. Among the changes, Riot are going to touch-up every single aspect of Omen’s kit.

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On the list of changes for Morello and his team are: “Omen smoke targeting update (!), ultimate and blind improvements.”

The smoke targeting can mean a couple of different things; in the beta, players needed to extend and retract his shadow orb on a minimap to place the Dark Shadow. While this was functional, it’s also a much less optimized way to place a smoke as opposed to Brimstone, for example.

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Similarly, it could mean the devs are going to address how the smokes fall into place. For example, they can sometimes fall lower to the ground or stay at a higher altitude, and this inconsistency can really be frustrating.

Riot Games
Omen’s shadows can be a nuisance to place and drift lower than they should.

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Meanwhile, Paranoia sounds effective on paper, but players have been noting how the ability either misses its mark too easily or it seemingly hits its target without applying the blind.

By the look of it, Riot will take a look at this ability to make it better before the June 2 target date for launch.

Similarly, From the Shadows will also be getting improvements along with Shrouded Step, which should interact better when working within smokes, according to Morello: “I believe we have an improvement for casting them within smokes, too!”

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Riot Games
Omen has seen a ton of changes throughout the Valorant beta.

The rest of the information revealed in Morello’s tweet isn’t breaking news; it had already been announced that Valorant will feature both a new Agent and map upon its full release.

Riot will be implementing balancing changes and fixes to both hit registration and FPS, the details of which likely won’t be revealed until the game drops on June 2.