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Valorant vs CSGO rank comparison: Which rank should you be?

Published: 6/Sep/2020 15:57 Updated: 6/Sep/2020 16:01

by Andy Williams


An in-depth comparison of Valorant and CS:GO’s Competitive ranks reveals exactly where you should be in Future Earth, providing you’ve played a Counter-Strike to acquire a rank. 

It’s no secret that Valorant and CS:GO share some resemblance to one another. Aside from the high-fidelity gameplay, weapon mechanics and game mode similarities, Riot have created a tactical first-person shooter that puts competitive integrity at the forefront of its priorities.


And it’s that integrity that is reflected in a badge which players wear with pride — their Competitive rank. Players have been grinding in Future Earth since Competitive was first introduced, all in a bid to reach the coveted Radiant rank.

Act-based seasons offer players a unique opportunity to continually seek improvement, and offer the ability to wear their rank with pride. But given how Counter-Strike and Valorant share similar qualities, how do both titles’ Competitive ranks weigh up against each other? Let’s find out.

Valorant ranks in Competitive matchmaking.
Riot Games
There’s a total of 22 ranks in Valorant, with Gold 2 being the average rank in terms of player distribution.

Is Radiant the new Global Elite?

For starters, there are 18 individual ranks in CS:GO, compared with 22 ranks in Valorant. So it’s worth noting that a direct comparison is simply not possible. What is possible, however, is to see how much of the player base is beneath a specific rank, to roughly gauge how both sets of ranks compare.

It’s also worth noting that Valorant is currently region-locked, meaning that your rank is local to the region you play in. Whereas Counter-Strike’s ranking system is reflective of its global playerbase.

Based on a report by Esports Tales which detailed both the distribution and the percentile of players relative to their rank, Redditor ‘dragonitor’ drafted a comparison using similarly sourced data from CS:GO.

Valorant and CSGO rank comparison.
dragonitor (Reddit)
Here’s how both CS:GO and Valorant ranks stack up against each other.

Based on their estimations, Gold Nova 2 in CS:GO is the equivalent to Gold 1 in Valorant — both of which mark the ‘average rank’ for each title.

Similarly, both Distinguished Master Guardian and Diamond 1 mean that you’re in the top 10% of players in the world/your region.

One caveat to the above, however, is that the Valorant data was obtained via Blitz. This data is likely top-heavy and therefore, probably biased to the higher ranks. Until Riot removes the mask covering the accessible player data — such as Elo — player-sourced data from sites such as Blitz is the best bet.


Flashpoint Season 2 details revealed: $1 million prize pool, teams, more

Published: 7/Oct/2020 2:50

by Andrew Amos


Flashpoint is returning for Season 2 on November 9, featuring 12 top CS:GO teams playing online duking it out over a $1 million prize pool. Seven teams from Season 1 have been confirmed to return.

After an up-and-down first season, Flashpoint is looking at making things right in Season 2. They are bringing the big guns too, retaining their $1 million prize pool, while also looking to up the competition with new teams.


The CS:GO league, which is a rival to ESL Pro League, will be returning to your screens on November 9. The competition this time will be hosted in Europe, taking place online with a studio broadcast.

Flashpoint Season 2 to boast $1 million prize pool

The big selling point of Flashpoint is its $1 million prize pool. With $500,000 going to the winner, winning Flashpoint can set teams up for the rest of the year.


There will be no format changes for Flashpoint Season 2. The three-phase points system, including three double-elimination groups of four, will remain as the format of choice. The top eight teams in the regular season will then progress to the double-elimination playoffs.

The tournament will still be held online, however. They are aiming to get all teams over to Europe to play, while also having the broadcast hosted out of the B Site studio in London.

“We’re eager to give our fans a raw and unfiltered CS:GO tournament series while still taking necessary precautions to keep players safe,” commissioner Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles said in a statement.

Flashpoint trophy on stage with MAD Lions logo
Flashpoint Season 1 champions MAD Lions will be returning to defend their title.

Flashpoint Season 2 teams

12 teams will compete in Flashpoint Season 2. Of those, 10 will be directly invited, while the remaining squads will make it in through two Open Qualifiers. The top four teams from each qualifier will then duke it out in a double-elimination bracket to decide the final two teams.

Seven squads from Season 1 are returning to the online competition, including Season 1 champions MAD Lions, finalist MIBR, and the new-look Cloud9. One notable omission is partner team FunPlus Phoenix, who are instead working on building for 2021 after their Season 1 disaster.

“Our plan is to take our time and focus on 2021. We don’t want to make any rushed decisions, as our main goal is to build a promising, long-lasting roster. We are currently in talks with several orgs and individual players,” general manager Petar Markovic said on October 6.


The list of confirmed teams are:

  • Cloud9
  • c0ntact
  • Dignitas
  • Envy
  • Gen.G
  • MAD Lions
  • MIBR

Flashpoint Season 2 will kick off on November 9.