Valorant bug lets players walk through walls after patch 1.06

image of valorant map ascentRiot Games

A strange Valorant bug has been found which lets players walk through a solid wall on Ascent’s B site following the 1.06 update.

Riot Games introduced some changes to Valorant in patch 1.06 with shotgun balancing, ability changes, and bug fixes all added on August 20.

However, with any patch, some bugs are bound to appear. One particularly game-breaking example glitch is allowing players to walk through walls on Ascent.

Valorant wall boost location on ascentfitalityy / Riot Games
A strange wall glitch was found with Sage’s B main boost on Ascent.

This bug was found by Valorant fan u/Cryptotf, who revealed in a bug report that their character was simply able to pass through a wall near the attacker’s side of B bombsite.

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Following an attempt to attack the site, the player was forced to retreat and hide next to the crates in B Main.

However, after walking backward to move into cover, their character simply phased straight through the wall, appearing behind some of the enemies before he was quickly finished off by the opposing team.

While it’s unclear what the cause of this glitch was, Cryptotf highlighted that Sage’s Barrier Orb on top of the crate, which is used to peek inside the B site windows, could have played a part.

“Not sure how it happened, might have something to do with sage wall above my head,” they added.

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When flagging this issue, the player revealed that they had some trouble trying to reproduce this glitch, claiming it was tricky to do by themselves.

Although this glitch is difficult to recreate, it could lead to some confused Valorant players, on both teams, if it was to happen in future matches.

Riot devs have not responded to this bug as of yet, but with plans to fix other issues in patch 1.06 such as Phoenix’s Curveball, it is likely that this will also be fixed in one of the coming updates.