VAC banned CSGO pro Jamppi switches to Valorant after legal battle

Lauren Bergin

Former CSGO pro Elias ‘Jamppi’ Olkkonen has confirmed that he’s jumping ship from Counter-Strike to Valorant.

  • Jamppi was banned from playing in Counter-Strike Majors
  • The CSGO star was benched from ENCE
  • He sees it as a “fresh start” for him after Valve’s VAC ban

Jamppi makes Valorant switch

After a ban and ensuing lawsuit left Jamppi steeped in controversy, ENCE benched him from the starting lineup.

This has inspired the player to take a new pathway to glory. With no Majors in sight, he’s decided to join a wave of CS pros who have made the switch across to Valorant.

What’s next for Jamppi?

While it appears that the Finnish star hasn’t yet found an organization within the Valorant universe, it’s pretty clear that many a squad will jump at the chance to sign him.

Although he is still fighting an ongoing legal battle against the VAC ban that has stopped him from playing at several CSGO events, the 19-year-old prodigy has marked himself as a rising star in the FPS world.

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