Streamer uses “fake baby strat” to get team to forfeit Valorant match

Bill Cooney

A Valorant streamer employed a brilliant new strategy to get her team to forfeit an already doomed match, and all it took was a recording of a baby crying.

Leaving a Valorant match early can result in a temporary lock out on your account, so players always prefer to forfeit, when possible. If your team isn’t communicating though, this can be tougher said than done.

Twitch streamer tokibbi convinced her silent teammates to do just that though, employing a brilliant new technique she called “the baby strat.”

Valorant cinematic
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Suffering through a match that’s already lost can be one of the toughest things to put up with as a Valorant player, luckily, the “baby strat” can help.

Streamer uses fake baby to get out of match

After explaining she wanted to leave because there were no comms happening on her team, tokibbi pulled out her phone and started playing the sounds of a baby crying.

“Guys, can we FF?” toki asked (very nicely we might add). “My baby, yeah, I gotta go, I’m so sorry.”

Amazingly, despite having no communication in-game, her team quickly voted to forfeit so toki could “take care” of her extremely real child.

“Thank you guys! Have a great day!” the streamer told her surprisingly cooperative teammates, before bursting into laughter.

It’s definitely not how you usually see a Valorant match come to an end, but despite adding an L to their record, it seemed to work out just fine for toki and her team.

So, the next time you’re in an unranked match that’s just not going your way, and you desperately want out, consider giving the “baby strat” a try. Who knows? It just might work out.