Sentinels Sacy makes Valorant history by hitting rank 1 in Europe, Brazil, and now NA

Sentinels SacyColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Sentinels player Gustavo ‘Sacy’ Rossi has made Valorant history as the Brazilian player has earned the top rank on the competitive ladder in Brazil, Europe and now North America.

Hitting rank 1 in any region is cause for celebration for most players, but for Sacy it seems to be just another day at the office. The Brazilian player has hit the top rank in his home country and did the same in Europe while keeping his skills sharp for Valorant Champions 2022.

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Now, the Sentinels player hit the top rank in North America for the first time with a ranked rating of 1,178 with 88 wins.

Sacy hit the ranked milestone on April 20 while streaming and one of his moderators post the achievement on Twitter.

Sentinels Sacy hits massive ranked milestone

“Photo 3 classic thumb,” Sacy said in a quote tweet of the achievement according to a machine translation.

En route to the top rank in North America, Sacy played 127 matches with a 69% win ratio. He also recorded a Kill/Assist/Survive/Trade rate of 80%, which is in the top 0.8% of players in the server according to His primary role for his most recent climb was Initiator as he played Sova in over 45 matches, and he had his best win percentage on Skye at 82%.

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The Valorant world champion primarily plays Initiators in pro play but has taken up other roles for Sentinels as the team figures out its new roster. While Sacy has enjoyed success on the ranked ladder, his team in VCT Americas has only won one series in the first three weeks of competition.

Sacy will have a chance to turn his ranked success into a win at the pro level in his next match on April 21 as Sentinels take on his former team, LOUD, in VCT Americas.

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