Riot Games reveal first-look at new Valorant Agent and map

Riot Games

Riot Games appears to have shown off a brief glimpse at the upcoming eleventh Valorant Agent in an image posted to the game’s official website.

In a blog post detailing information about the launch on June 2, 2020, Riot also included an image showing off the ten agents currently in the game, and a little something or someone extra.

While the image shows every Agent side-by-side, on the far right next to Sage, there’s an empty slot where a shoe is visible.

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Riot Games
Could this shoe belong to Sabine?

The black shoe appears to have a slight heel and is colored in black and either bronze or gold. Additionally, there’s some purple added too.

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Aside from that, however, there’s not much to go off, but it’s clear that Riot included this brief glimpse at the new Agent on purpose, especially as they revealed the new character will be available when the game launches.

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Some Valorant players have also reported Agents having voice lines directed towards a character known as “Sabine.” Additionally, it seems she could be vampire-like as some comments reference a “life-stealing” ability.

Besides the new Agent, Riot also showed off what seems to be the new map in the CGI trailer released on May 21.

The new map had already been featured in some screenshots, but the trailer shows off Jett and Phoenix using their abilities before the video transitions to the release date reveal.

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Riot Games
Riot teased a new Valorant map in the launch

It’s possible that the new map, rumored to be called “Ascent,” will be for a new game mode. Not much is known about the map or even what the game mode will be, but it seems to have a clear Venetian theme.

The Valorant closed beta will end on May 28, so you better get in all the rounds you can until then, but keep in mind that your progress will reset once the game goes live.