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How to listen to a full song from the Valorant soundtrack early

Published: 13/Mar/2020 0:19 Updated: 13/Mar/2020 0:20

by Brad Norton


Valorant is still months away and yet Riot Games has already provided an early glimpse of a full record off the game’s soundtrack thanks to a new Agent teaser.

As Riot continues to ramp up the promotion of its upcoming FPS title, new Agents are being teased with each passing week. On March 6, the studio released a brief gameplay snippet highlighting Phoenix and the trend has continued with a new Viper highlight unveiled on March 12

Viper’s lethal demonstration was backed by a beat that had fans clamoring to hear more and fortunately, thanks to information provided by League of Legends Communications Lead Ryan Rigney, a full track has been released online early.


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The 49-second teaser showcased the American Agent and her crafty smoke-heavy abilities that allow her to obscure much of the battlefield. 

All the while, a beat was backing the explosive gameplay snippet before vocals kicked in for the final few seconds once the round win was secured. 

Released in 2019 on an album titled ‘Female Rap,’ the track featured throughout the latest trailer is ‘Drip’ from Corbin Roe, Mayne, and NicXIX.

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Those anxiously waiting for the FPS release are able to listen to the full song on YouTube and Spotfiy today.

While music from previous trailers isn’t available in full just yet, you can also get more of a taste for Valorant’s style by listening to the artist responsible for the game’s primary theme.


A producer based out of Arizona going by the name of ‘LICK’ has been responsible for the overall “soundscape” of Valorant. Known for hard-hitting bass and melodic electronic beats, the artist has a plethora of full releases on Spotify that will closely resemble the style of Valorant’s final soundtrack.

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There’s no telling just yet when players will be able to get their hands on the game and listen to the soundtrack in-game while clicking heads, but you can get an edge on the competition by keeping up to date with our latest breakdowns.

From a deep-dive on weapon statistics, to full overviews of both Viper and Phoenix, there’s plenty to learn ahead of Valorant’s release.