How G2 saved Mixwell & ruined Team Heretics in Valorant

Luke Edwards

G2 Esports have had a big Valorant off-season ahead of VCT Stage 3, bringing in Heretics stars Nukkye and AvovA to compliment Mixwell & co. But with Heretics losing two key players, will they be able to bounce back?

Having missed out on a trip to Iceland thanks to Boaster and Fnatic, G2 have been forced to regroup and rebuild. By bringing in First Strike Europe champions AvovA and Nukkye, however, their squad is looking stronger than ever.

But it’s not such good news for Heretics, who brought in G2 castaways Ardiis and PaTiTek to fill their vacancies. On this edition of Curveball, BanKs, MitchMan and fRoD analyze their chances of making Berlin.

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