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How do teleports work in Valorant? New teaser reveals first look

Published: 14/Mar/2020 17:37

by Andy Williams


With another Valorant Agent teaser trailer in the books, we learned plenty about Viper – but did Riot give us a glimpse into how teleportation will work between Reactor Sites?

It appears that Riot are releasing new information on each of their Agents on a weekly basis, with Viper being the latest character to receive their time in the spotlight.

From the short snippet that was released, we learned a lot about how Viper’s ability set will look in-game, alongside discovering a little about her lore from the quips that she uses during battle.

Viper on Bind's Reactor Site A in Valorant.
Riot Games
Viper can cut-off a portion of a map with their Toxic Screen ability.

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While we learned plenty of tidbits of information about another Agent, what else can we take away from another look into Valorant’s near-future earth?


Thanks to veteran Counter-Strike streamer, Piotr ‘izakOOO‘ Skowyrski, we already know that Valorant maps will feature teleportation devices that allow one-way transportation between ‘Reactor Sites’ — Valorant’s objective, which are the equivalent bombsites in Counter-Strike or Call of Duty.

Now though, we might have received our first look at how they’ll work in the grand scheme of things. Just 0:14 into Viper’s teaser, you can see what appears to be a portal to another location – which is labeled ‘Laboratory’ – on the left-hand side.

Teleport on Bind's Reactor Site A in Valorant.
Riot Games
Could this be the first glimpse into a teleportation device on Bind?

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While we don’t see the one-way portal used during the trailer, a lot can be derived from where it’s located.


Firstly, the ability to teleport – and ultimately fake a Spike (bomb) plant at a Reactor Site – appears to be straightforward. As seen in the trailer, Viper segments the map with relative ease and could have quite easily used their abilities to shift over to the other site.

With the portal being located so close to Reactor Site A in the trailer, it would be logical to assume that it’ll provide close proximity to the opposing site on the other side.

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Moreover, teleporting in Riot’s tactical shooter isn’t just possible via the one-way portal. One of Valorant’s more mysterious Agents, Omen, has a stock of abilities that allow them to manipulate space and time.


As per izakOOO’s Valorant playtest, teleportation “really changes the pace of the map,” which will provide another dynamic that players transitioning over from the likes of CS:GO will not be accustomed to.