HenryG reveals new details on Riot Games’ Project A FPS

ESL / Riot Games

The hype for Riot Games’ Project A is ramping up after new details emerged from legendary Counter-Strike commentator Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer, who claimed the upcoming title is the “best game” he’s played since Global Offensive.

During the 10-year celebration for League of Legends, developers showed off a peek into a slew of titles and projects they are working on for the next chapter in the studio’s legacy – but other than that, Riot has been quiet regarding any further news.

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After being invited to test out an early build of the game, HenryG gave his initial impressions for what he got to try, and revealed new information for the upcoming 5v5 FPS.

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The fan base already knows the game’s basics, such as its different characters, each with their own unique abilities – but how they would figure into a match was still anybody’s guess.

HenryG shed some more light on the matter, saying: “These aforementioned classes and their own unique ‘abilities’ should be seen as tactical utility instead of potentially overpowered spell/ultimate combinations that other class-based games suffer from.”

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It seems like in most instances, these abilities can be acquired at the start of the round with the “same economy reservoir as the weaponry,” according to HenryG.

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In brief snippets of gameplay, characters in Project A used their abilities with traditional CSGO utility, but with unique properties to them like ability kits in Apex Legends.

Abilities in Project A won’t define the player experience, but HenryG said “there’s nothing more satisfying dropping a successful combo of movement mechanics abilities that isolates your opponent to buy space before pulling the trigger on the killing blow.”

HenryG played in a game mode that was MR12, DE/SnD with two bomb sites, A and B. At halftime, the teams switched sides from attack to defense, and vice versa.

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In these types of games, the quality of the maps’ designs are paramount to how the title actually plays out. Luckily, all things seem to be moving in a steady direction.

“One of the most exciting elements of the game to me was the map design,” he continued. “They have been beautifully created and follow Counter-strike-esque familiar lanes and choke points, with the focus on game-play substance, rather than flowery aesthetics.”

The CSGO figure had high praise for the early build he got to play on, saying that the game “has the potential to be one of the giant titles of the FPS space.”

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Riot are playing it pretty close to the vest with their new shooter, but there should be more details coming in 2020 for the highly anticipated Project A.

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