G2 Mixwell explains how Valorant saved his career

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Mixwell Valorant

G2 Mixwell has discussed how he went from the top of the CS:GO scene to almost losing his career, and then to becoming a Valorant pro. 

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Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Canellas was once a household name in the CS:GO community. The former pro for OpTic Gaming won the ELEAGUE Season 2 Championship back in 2016. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst when OpTic tried to rebuild its roster around him.

OpTic would go on to release Mixwell and his career never quite recovered. He attempted playing for multiple teams after this, including Cloud9, but was never able to succeed as he did with OpTic. He took a break from CS:GO in 2020, and that’s when he discovered Valorant.

G2 Mixwell
Mixwell playing Valorant for G2

Mixwell switches to Valorant

The former CS:GO pro discovered his love for Valorant in the beta. “The game was really fun to me, I could play 10 hours a day like I used to play CS before and I wasn’t tired of playing it, and that’s a thing I couldn’t do in CS anymore,” he said in an interview with theScore esports.

Valorant helped reignite Mixwell’s love for gaming and esports after burning out on CS:GO. So, he decided to make the decision to retire from CS:GO and make the switch to Valorant. “I think I decided pretty early but I didn’t want to say it because I wanted to shock people more.”

It didn’t take long for esports organizations to notice how good Mixwell was. He then helped form the G2 roster, which absolutely dominated the early Valorant professional scene in Europe. G2 swept both Fun Plus Pheonix and NiP to win the Blast Twitch Invitational, with none other than Mixwell at the helm.

In the final match, G2 beat Fun Plus Pheonix again to take the crown. Mixwell had a great 1 v 2 clutch in the final game that helped secure the win for his team. While his Valorant career is just beginning, it looks like he’s going to have a bright future in the game.

One thing is certain, Valorant helped the former CS:GO pro revitalize his career in an exciting fashion, and you can expect to see a lot more jaw-dropping plays from him in the future.

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